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aims and objectives

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Introduction Aims, Beliefs and Objectives The mission statement for Coca Cola is 'to benefit and refresh everyone who is touched by our businesses. In order to achieve this one of the aims of The Coca Cola Company is to provide the best product that they can to the public, and create customer satisfaction. To ensure this the company ensure that all employees are working to their highest standards to create the best product, in the quickest possible time to make sure that there is an ability for quick distribution. They also aim to never let their high standards of quality fail. To do this, there are strict assessments at each stage of the production of all products at Coca Cola production plants, throughout the day. When distributing any products, Coca Cola arrange with the distribution companies what standards Coca Cola expect from them. This means that the customer will always be satisfied with the product, and will hopefully increase the amount of customers that Coca Cola have. This would in turn create a bigger profit for the company, and also satisfy the shareholders more. Another mission of the company is to continue growing and expanding, without forgetting the importance of the customer while doing this. To do this, Coca Cola try to keep improving the quality of their product continuously, in order to satisfy the consumer more; in turn allowing the company to grow more financially. ...read more.


This would help retain customers and gain a healthy profit. WH Smith has located each of these stores in an excellent location around the UK. While they gain customer loyalty by doing this they will also gain a steady income so they will be able to share some of its profits with its shareholders. However if they don't make customer loyalty and gain a steady income, they will lose money and so will its shareholders. The shareholder of a WH Smith is always at risk of losing their money, which is why WH Smith offer a better return than that of a bank where the shareholder is at no risk of losing money. Another of WH Smith 's aims is to look after their customers as customers are very important because they provide income to the business. Also WH Smith need to do their best to deliver good products at a cheap price to their customers and the public. WH Smith aim to treat all their customers in an appropriate manner. By doing this WH Smith will gain customer satisfaction and lifetime loyalty. By treating their customer's well WH Smith will also get a good reputation and also they may gain other competitors customers. WH Smith also aims to understand their external customers needs better. Therefore, WH Smith carries out market research to find out the customers needs. They produce surveys and questionnaires for the customers to fill out. ...read more.


They need to keep working at how to give a better service than the rest of the similar store in the UK. * WH Smith aims to expand its business even more by introducing more selling items such as cosmetics, clothing, jewellery, electronics etc. This is a good aim to achieve, as it will bring in more customers who come into WH Smith to shop. WH Smith could also make more money by producing their own brand. It is another reason to bring in more capital and expand. They aim to make their market share bigger than 2%. * Retailing service. WH Smith continues to produce new products and services to bring in more custom to make the business better and bring in more success. They also questionnaires to help them to analyse their customer's trends and see which products and services the customer needs. WH Smith also have a website where people can order food and non food products to their house. This is more convenient as busy parents or old people to get their weekly shopping. This is a very good way in which the business can reach its aim of increasing profit as more people use the internet for shopping. * International. WH Smith also has 40 stores outside the UK. By expanding abroad, WH Smith is making itself a very well known name to everyone. Having stores outside the UK brings in more capital and reason to expand to other countries. Gabby Ajibola ...read more.

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