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Task Four (Creating a website for Woodley Hotel) Site Map Story Board Design - Brief A design brief is a written document developed by the client and the designer. A design brief is usually developed from meetings, phone calls and emails between both parties and may take time to get right. What is the purpose of a design brief? A design brief serves as an essential reference point for both parties where various aspects of the project are discussed and agreed upon before project commencement. This helps to develop trust between the client and designer whilst highlighting relevant issues and enabling efficient project management and delivery. The Purpose of the Site I have suggested the reason, with an example, why businesses such as the Woodley may decide to create their own website. The reason for creating a website is because of the opportunities that are available for the business as they will enter a global mass market which means that the Woodley Hotel website will be able to reach a wide range of audience that are across the globe as they may likely be able to use the website to book for a hotel that are located in Reading as they may be visiting their friends and family that live in Reading or may need to travel to Reading to work. ...read more.


In order for the hotel to comply with the laws, the homepage will have the terms and conditions, privacy& cookie policy and the site map of the business as it will be at the bottom of the home page. Security Features By creating a website for the Woodley Hotel, the internet offers a range of opportunities to find masses of information and buy products from around the world with out moving from the office or homes. This is a screen shot of the Dedicate SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate. This Decate SSL certificate safeguard the reputation of the Woodley Hotel business by using a public-and-private key encryption system to uniquely identify individuals carrying out transactions on the Woodley Hotel website, making information exchanged unintelligible to anyone other than the intended recipients. With the 1&1 SSL Certificate, the Woodley Hotel customers will be assured that they are not exposed to the risks associated with transmitting data over an open network, as it means that they can trust and relia on the business website as they give out their confidential informations. Because I will be creating a website for the Woodley Hotel, I will therefore be making sure that the software in which I will be using will have an appropriate firewall and virus checkers in ...read more.


How to promote the business online In order for the Woodley Hotel to promote their products and services, the business will therefore need to produce an article on the local newspaper and also produce a leaflet which will contain all the information about the Woodley Hotel. By using this type of way to promote the Woodley Hotel website, the business will be able to target some of their market segment which could be the local community. If the business did consider creating a leaflet to promote their products and services then the Woodley Hotel will simply need to distribute their leaflets to houses and local businesses who may decide to use the hotel. However the Woodley Hotel could also try to use the internet to promote the business, these are the following ways in which the Woodley Hotel could use the internet to promote their products and services. As one of the example from the design above of promoting the Woodley Hotel on the internet, the business itself could simply consider to produce a banner advert to promote the business. The business should therefore place their banner advert on other businesses website or on the search engine such as the yell.com and google which could be linked to the Woodley Hotel website. Lahai - Sannoh Mr - Sears Task Four (Electronic Business) ...read more.

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