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Caesar is portrayed as the real hero of the play whereas Antony is seen as weak.

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Caesar is portrayed as the real hero of the play whereas Antony is seen as weak. Throughout the play we are given many references to how much more power Caesar has than Antony. Caesar can be portrayed as the stronger of the two. The entire play, the audience perceive Antony as weak. This is because he is supposed to be seen as a very manly, strong and independent man. The play actually converts this image, he is being bossed around by his mistress and seems so love struck that he is actually unable to function correctly. Rome is a very powerful and political city, they are a very dominant city and when they see their leader being dragged around by a woman, this causes them to loose some of the dignity they had for him. This ultimately leads Antony to be the weaker character of he and Caesar, as Caesar does not get involved with such nonsense. In Act 2, Scene 2, there are many revelations of Antony as a character. He admits that he couldn't control his wife and this is revealed in lines 61-69. ...read more.


Caesar is the strong character as he can make Antony do whatever he wants him to. Antony calls him 'Sir' which shows respect toward Caesar but he does not return this and shows the superiority Caesar has over Antony. He can make Antony marry his sister to mend the argument they were having and in Act 2, Scene 2, he sits down before Antony that could show that he is in a higher rank emotionally. Cleopatra had an affair with him before the play started could indicate his power. It seems to the audience that Cleopatra only goes for the strong dominant leaders and then tried to tear them down to make them weak. She was obviously unable to break him like she did Antony this shows that Caesar has a stronger will power and is more able to b a leader then someone who is ruled by their emotions. In addition, this again makes Antony seem weak as he is taking Caesar's rejects, this could be a form of flattery, that Antony is trying to be like him. ...read more.


This could show how much more dignified Antony is and that Caesar is very pompous. It seems as if Caesar is only using Antony for political needs. He is making Antony marry Octavia to mend the feud with him as Antony's wife and brother were trying to make war on Caesar. This shows Caesar as a manipulative man and Antony seems the stronger character of the two as he can see what Caesar is doing and just goes along with it. Caesar is portrayed throughout, as not caring about anything else but him, this is particularly evident in Act 2, Scene 2. He is uncompromisingly in control as he accepts no apologies and, having raised one complaint (lines 46-61) he carries on to immediately raise another. (Lines 76-9,86-95) this shows him as very egotistical as he doesn't really care about anyone else's needs but his own. Caesar is again portrayed as being egotistical as he even refers to his own sister, Octavia as 'a great part of myself.' Act3, Scene2. This implies that she is not good enough to be her own person but is actually only a good part of him. Other characters refer to Antony as a good man. Lepidus calls him 'The Noble Antony.' Act 2, Scene 2, Line 15. ...read more.

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