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Gulliver’sTravels Essay.

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Gulliver's Travels Essay In order to fully understand Jonathan Swift's central message in Gulliver's Travels, one must examine in detail the book's introduction, and its conclusion. While the second and third books of the adventure are not unimportant, it is the first and final volumes which, when compared with one another, offer the clearest representation of Swift's thinking. The first book subtly reveals some the ideas which fuel the novel's satirical aspect while the same concepts are lucidly communicated to the reader with great poignancy in the fourth book. One of the novel's central themes is the methods man uses to resolve his disputes. The first component of this issue is an examination of how trivial some of man's quarrels are. During his voyage to Lilliput, Gulliver discovers that the Empires of Lilliputia and Blefuscu are embroiled in a major war simply because their ancestors could not agree on which end an egg should be broken: "It is computed that eleven thousand persons have at several times suffered death, rather than submit to break their eggs at the smaller end." (36) Swift wants the reader to be shocked not only by the absurdity of the conflict, but by its scale as well. ...read more.


(259) In the above event, a female acts on instinct and desire and does not think of the consequences of her actions. She does what she does solely for selfish reasons. Both the Empress and the Yahoo got something from Gulliver but give nothing back in return. Swift once again introduces the reader to an idea in the first book, and increases his argument's potency in the fourth book. In all four books of Gulliver's Travels, Swift makes a mockery of the politics of his day. The author satirizes not only the politicians who lived during his time, but their methods of achieving political power, and the governmental structure of the British monarchy. The first book is the most political in nature. At a memorable point during the first book, the Emperor of Lilliput is trying to find new officials to occupy government positions. Rather than placing the men whose political aptitude is high in government, the Emperor of Lilliput stages an elaborate festival in which games of dexterity and agility are played. Any sane monarch who has the best interests of his nation in mind would never choose his ministers in such a foolish manner. ...read more.


This is yet another example of Swift using book one to insert humour into his novel while still conveying a serious message. In book four, the comedic element of tiny men believing they control a giant who could destroy them in one fell swoop is removed. All that remains is the harsh reality of Yahoo life. Instead of working together to improve their quality of life, the Yahoos use their ingenuity against each other, destroying each other's quality of life. The logical course of action, in order to solve a complex problem, is to use all your resources. In book one and book four, humanity narrow-mindedly chooses to ignore chances to solve their many difficulties. At first glance, books one and four of Gulliver's Travels exist simply to begin and conclude the book respectively. Following closer examination of both books, a parallel between them can be discovered: Swift subtly brings forth an idea or thought in the first book and disguises it with a layer of comedy. In the fourth and final book, Swift peels off the mask and the reader has the opportunity to view the idea in its entirety and is thus exposed to what is in Swift's view, the harsh reality of what the human race really is, or is capable of being. ...read more.

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