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kobe earthquake

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Question Two: Why did the Kobe Earthquake in 1995, do so much damage and kill so may people? The earth's surface is not all one big piece. It is broke down into several different pieces called plates. Each plate moves a few centimetres a year. The place were two plates join up we call a plate boundary. Major earthquakes and volcanoes eruptions take place at these plate boundaries. ...read more.


The effects of the Kobe earthquake were of awful devastation. 5,000 people died in the earthquake and 350,000 were made homeless. This was an effect of the earthquake. But also gas pipes exploded and fires burnt all over the city, this was a secondary cause of death caused by the earthquake. Other secondary causes of death were underground water pipes burst all over the city. ...read more.


These were so devastating because many people may have prepared for and survived the earthquake but not expected as much devastation around the city e.g.: the fires and not as much chance of getting seen to in a hospital because of the whole city needing help. These secondary causes of death went on for a long time and wrecked people's lives. Fires are not avoidable and many suffered and died from the smoke or being trapped in a blazing building. Ryan Halliwell ...read more.

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