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How ICT Affects a Person With Special Needs

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How ICT Affects a Person With Special Needs There is a vast number of ways ICT can be used to help people who have disabilities ranging from visual impairments to learning difficulties. Visual Impairments People who have visual impairments may find it difficult to read small text and this can easily be solved by using screen enlargers or increasing the text size, however there is a much greater problem for people who are partially or entirely blind. People who are blind require more specialist equipment such as refreshable Braille displays, or speech synthesizers. * Screen enlargers (or screen magnifiers) work like a magnifying glass. They enlarge a portion of the screen as the user moves the focus-increasing legibility for some users. Some screen enlargers allow a user to zoom in and out on a particular area of the screen. * Screen readers are software programs that present graphics and text as speech. A screen reader is used to verbalize, or "speak," everything on the screen including names and descriptions of control buttons, menus, text, and punctuation. ...read more.


Mobility Impairments People with mobility impairments may find it difficult to type using a keyboard or move a mouse so software like speech recognition systems have to be used. * Speech recognition systems, also called voice recognition programs, allow people to give commands and enter data using their voices rather than a mouse or keyboard. * On-screen keyboard programs provide an image of a standard or modified keyboard on the computer screen. The user selects the keys with a mouse, touch screen, trackball, joystick, switch, or electronic pointing device. * Keyboard filters include typing aids, such as word prediction utilities and add-on spelling checkers. These products reduce the required number of keystrokes. Keyboard filters enable users to quickly access the letters they need and to avoid inadvertently selecting keys they don't want. * Touch screens are devices placed on the computer monitor (or built into it) that allow direct selection or activation of the computer by touching the screen. * Alternative input devices (including alternative keyboards, electronic pointing devices, sip-and-puff systems, wands and sticks, joysticks and trackballs) ...read more.


* Reading comprehension programs focus on establishing or improving reading skills through ready-made activities, stories, exercises, or games. These programs can help users practice letter sound recognition and can increase the understanding of words by adding graphics, sound, and possibly animation. * Reading tools and learning disability programs include software designed to make text-based materials more accessible for people who struggle with reading. Options can include scanning, reformatting, navigating, or speaking text out loud. These programs help people who have difficulty seeing or manipulating conventional print materials; people who are developing new literacy skills or who are learning English as a foreign language; and people who comprehend better when they hear and see text highlighted simultaneously. * Speech synthesizers (often referred to as text-to-speech (TTS) systems) receive information going to the screen in the form of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks, and then "speak" it out loud. Individuals who have lost the ability to communicate orally can use a speech synthesizer to communicate by typing information and letting the speech synthesizer speak it out loud. * Speech recognition systems, also called voice recognition programs, allow people to give commands and enter data using their voices rather than a mouse or keyboard. ...read more.

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