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Contemporary Studies in PE - Football Governing Body - FA (Football Association)

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Contemporary Studies in PE Football Governing Body - FA (Football Association) The Football Association 25 Soho Square London W1D 4FA Telephone: +44 207 745 4545 Telefax: +44 207 745 5546 www.thefa.com/ The Regional Structure The game is controlled at the local level, by 43 County FAs affiliated to The Football Association but with responsibilities for organising and running football activities in their area. A hierarchy of leagues operates throughout the game, each taking responsibility for the administration of their own activities, such as membership, fixtures and registrations. Disciplinary matters (cautions, sending off and misconduct) are controlled by The FA for the 6 top leagues (The FA Premier League, Football Leagues , Football Conference and the three Conference feeder leagues), with County FAs taking this responsibility at lower levels. The FA Doping Control and Health Education Programme * All tests are carried out randomly, however, there is provision in the guidelines for The FA to 'target' a player if this is requested by his club or P.F.A. and where there is significant evidence to do so. * The Football Association works to a comprehensive set of Memoranda and Procedural Guidelines. ...read more.


* In the case of a positive find, a separate procedure is put into action. The FA Chief Executive, The Professional Footballers Association (Union) and the FA Compliance Department are informed of the find. * If a player's positive find is for performance enhancing drugs, it is highly likely that he will be charged with misconduct for bringing the game into disrepute and would appear before an FA Disciplinary Commission. * If the player's positive find is for any prohibited substance, The FA would seek an interview with the player. Depending on the outcome of the interview the player may be charged with misconduct and ordered to appear before an FA Disciplinary Commission. The FA is responsible for: * Organising local and national competitions * Keeping players and participants informed * Maintaining relationships with the media * Drafting the rules and laws of the game * Advancing the special interests of the sport The National Coaching Foundation (NCF) is set up to organise coaching in every sport to raise the standards of coaching. It is an independent body made up of members of U.K sport and ccpr. ...read more.


Performance Pyramid Excellence Performance Participation Foundation__ Above is a diagram of the Performance Pyramid. I have chosen to position myself between the Performance level and the Excellence level. I have chosen to place myself here because I am committed to football playing for my school and club but I am not yet a top class footballer at the highest level. I perform in organised competitions and regional competitions. I am keen to improve my standards as a footballer and I train regularly with people my age and adults to. Training with adults has made me a better player because it toughened me up and has made me a more confident player. I train in Wilmslow with my club and school and in Bramhall with adults. The FA has helped me by creating leagues for me to play in on a Sunday for my local team. It also provides small tournaments where I experience others teams skill from further a field. Facilities like football fields and Astroturf is also arranged by the FA. However I am not receiving any sponsorship because I do not play at a high enough level. It has helped me improve my level of skill by providing coaches with qualifications who are prepared to help and arrange things such as football matches. Nick Rankin ...read more.

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