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The Demise of Football is ten years away.

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The Demise of Football is ten years away Sir Alan Sugar claimed that football was heading for a disaster. The now former Tottenham chairman claimed that too much money was being poured into the game, with little return. It doesn't take much to suggest that this can't continue forever. Mr.Sugar was at the centre of the Spurs fan's discontented cries when the team were playing badly. Don't blame the players blame the chairman. What was the reason behind their protests? They wanted more money available to bring in new players. The fans were not granted their wish at the time because they were told that there were not the necessary funds available. Sugar was not prepared to work in an environment where he was berated by supporters and ridiculed by members of the media. He resigned from his post during the 2000/2001 season after just spending 11million pounds on a new player for the club. The fact was that Tottenham, were not very good and the scapegoat was found in the chairman. He left leaving the warning that football was destined for the cleaners. ...read more.


David Beckham deliberated for two months last spring about whether he was going to sign a new contract with Manchester United, the richest club in the world. After much press coverage he put pen to paper on a deal worth one hundred thousand pounds a week. In what other profession could you hope to earn as much money a week. What exactly does he do? He plays football, and he is an outstanding player, yet he doesn't save lives! Paramedics and surgeons are not on nearly as much as he earns and they do arguably a much more beneficial job for society. In fact they almost certainly will aid his career knowing how easily injuries occour in football and how short in comparison a footballers participation in the game is. In fact Beckham broke the infamous metatarsal bone in his foot, for which I am sure he consulted many a specialist about! Yet it has to be said that the profession as a footballer is a short one, and the players should be allowed to an extent to make as much as they can to avoid having to look for demeaning work after. ...read more.


There is a large divide between clubs in respective divisions the gap caused by money. The teams that are wealthier progress further. This was no more apparent than when a businessman named Mohammed Al Fayed took control of Fulham FC. The club were languishing in division 2, but with a new influx of money and the ability to pay higher wages the club attracted a crop of players no other team in the division could contend with. The trend continued through the next league and the club are now in the top division playing European football. Can it last? As long as Mr. Al Fayed continues to give money to Fulham, the club will continue to prosper, when he eventually stops writing the cheques, that's when the problems will start. A solution could be that players are on shorter contracts, and would continue to be paid handsomely if they are performing well, and making money for the club. This would please all parties and hopefully be a more amicable situation. However, who I am to say how individuals should run their own business, I'm just merely a fan. The Dan Simmons column, should this game expect to rise above the basic laws of economics? ...read more.

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