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Arab Israeli conflict.

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Arab Israeli conflict By Sara Booker On October 3rd 2000, the observer reported that "violence raged across Gaza, the west Bank and Israel itself yesterday, unchecked by international appeals for calm, and fuelled by a steadily rising death toll, which last night had reached at least 47 in 5 days. Seven years after the Oslo accords, the already dying peace negotiations appeared to be over". The situation has not improved since October 2000 and violence continues to the present day. Source A is a reliable source. It has been written from a Palestinian point of view, about how Palestinians feel about the conditions they have been forced to live in. It tells you that the Palestinians are angry with the appalling economic conditions they have been made to live, nothing has happened to make the conditions better, even though people have talked about making it better. They are feed up with the slow pace the peace process is taking. The source is saying the problems lie deeper than the small things which set off the intifada, it's a built up provocation of years of anger which is set off with something small. ...read more.


They are saying that they had lived peacefully in their homes, then along came strangers from across the sea and got forced out of there homes, they understand that some of these people have been victims of European terror, but most are pawns in political movement. It is also saying that the only Jews that should claim ownership are the people who were born in Israel. Source D is also about refugees this is a timeline which shows when all the wars are and when all the key advents were for example the first intifada but this source doesn't explain why it happened. It has been written in a factual way and an easy way to understand the facts. It tells us why there are so many refugees in the Middle East and how all the problems started. Terrorism is also one of the main problems affecting the peace process until Terrorism and Extremism stops the Palestinians and Israelis will never live happily at peace with each other. Terrorism is a problem today because they never know when a car bomb will go off, recently terrorists have blown up buses killing innocent people and suicide bombers have blown themselves up at check points. ...read more.


Most of the sources I have looked at are only from a Palestinian Arab point of view and none of the sources are from an Israeli Jews point of view this means a serious weakness in my essay. Until the factors are sorted out there will never be peace in the middle east but for peace one side will have to give up there right to the land which neither the Palestinians or Israelis will do in the long term. I think it was wrong in the first place for the UN to give the Israelis a country which was already occupied by people; it was never going to make the people who were already living there happy. I do agree though that the Jews needed a county of there own because after the world war there was a lot of Anti-Semitism and prejudice against them still. But for the Palestinians they had to be forced out of there homes to be refugees while these other people from around the world took over there country and homes. Which source C states, it reflects the problem that was created when strangers forced Palestinians from there homes. Which I don't agree is right; it's like someone giving England to some country who occupied it thousands of years ago. ...read more.

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