The Arab Israeli Conflict

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The         Arab Israeli Conflict

Question 3

There have been many previous attempts at peace in the Middle East but all have failed.

        One Previous attempt at making peace was at the UN and Camp David. At this moment in time a lot of neighboring Arab countries began to recognize Israel as a state although maybe not admitting it publicly. Also Yasser Arafat the leader of the PLO at the time recognized the state of Israel and was ready to consider a mini state for the Palestinians to live consisting of the West Bank and Gaza.

        In 1974 Yasser Arafat was invited to speak in front of the United Nations for the first time. After listening to Arafat Many world leaders had sympathy for the Palestinians and also thought that the Palestinians deserved there own homeland and that it might lead to peace in the Middle East.

But the Israelis were furious that the UN let Arafat speak because they considered the PLO as a murder organization. They also refused the Idea of a separate state for the Palestinians, as they feared they might try taking over the rest of Israel, as they are not happy with a smaller state.

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One problem was some extremists were still part of the PLO and wanted the whole of Israel back for themselves and rejected the idea of a mini state.

Next in 1977 President Sadat of Egypt surprised the world saying that he wanted to make peace with Israel. Even more surprising is he went to Israel to discuss peace, even though most Arab leaders refuse to acknowledge Israel’s existence. On the 20th of December Sadat spoke to the Israeli government. The following month Israeli Prime Minister, Menachem Begin, went to Egypt and peace talks were started. When the Peace Talks slowed down ...

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