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Is Labour Still Socialist Party?

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Is the labour party still a socialist party? The Labour party was created at the the trade union conference in 1886 created Labour electoral committee which changed to labour electoral association in 1887. The party was created for the needs of the working class people. Clause 4 in their constitution is an explicit commitment to socialism. Atlee continues this starting in 1945 with setting up the welfare state. 1974-79 Labour government was very weak so led to a reform in the party in the 80s.Tony Blair continued these in 1994 and changed the name to new labour which suggested move away from socialism. Labour still have many polices that mean sharing the money giving more to the poor than to the rich. This is a very socialist policy as it concentrates on equality and the government helping its people. They do this by continuing with the welfare with policies such as child benefits and welfare to work programs. ...read more.


They also led the way in helping Africa out of poverty. Devolution under Blair to the Scottish and to the Welsh is a major socialist policy. This gives power to the people who are going to be affected by the decision such as Scotland deciding not to accept tuition fees like England. Labour can now be described as the third way. This is an idea Bill Clinton used when he ran for presidency in America. This is a mix of socialism and capitalism it can be described as centrism. Blair used this by in his election campaign saying "tough on crime and the causes of crime." Being tough on crime is capitalism and being tough on the cause is socialism. This view would please both socialist and capitalist voters and most centralist voters because it has policies which reflect everyone's views. However being "tough on crime." Is total different to before where the part was socialist and being tough on the cause showing a significant lean to right away from socialism. ...read more.


Trade unions have now left the party with the creation of new labour. Prescott could talk to the unions as he knew the most about them but however he is no longer in the government now so there is no trade union man in there. Active citizenship has become a major part of new labour as well were people have rights and responsibilities. This could include voting is a right and a responsibility or benefits are rights working is the responsibility. Saying people have a responsibility not right is a right wing idea of controlling people. In conclusion it is hard to class labour as either socialist or capitalist because there are so many policies which contradict which side you place them. It could be said that they are socialist and have continued with old labour but however accept free markets and privatisation. On the other hand could be called capitalist but spending on the NHS has doubled since 1997 which is a socialist thing. On an overview it would appear that labour are a centralised party neither left leaning or right leaning as each policy puts it back to the middle. ?? ?? ?? ?? Niall Ashton ...read more.

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