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The case for Britain retaining its uncodified constitution remains strong. Discuss.

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?The case for Britain retaining its uncodified constitution remains extremely strong.? The UK has an uncodified constitution which means that the laws and regulations are not systematic. They are not written down in one document (such as the USA?s constitution is codified and can be brought on eBay). This means that the constitution is easily amended which helps it to keep up to date with the ever changing society we live in. There are several arguments for and against the use of an uncodified constitution with the main two comparisons in government being the UK (uncodified) and the USA (codified). To begin with, an uncodified constitution is written down in many different documents. Although the UK does has Works of Authority (Books containing as much as the constitution as possible), there still isn?t a set book of what the constitution is. ...read more.


Part of our freedom is to interpret the law and constitution. As well as this, the main point is that the uncodified constitution is working ? why change it? It has worked for years and if it isn?t broken don?t try and fix it. This means that we can add laws or change law according to new information or with society changing. Our constitution is unentrenched. On the other hand, with a codified constitution, the public have a much greater understanding of their rights. This also means they know when they need protection and what from thus showing they have an entrenched constitution. Most of the modern world has a codified constitution and everyone is growing towards that. ...read more.


are all working as one. The US government know exactly what to do in any situation by looking at the constitution however in a time of state crisis, the UK would not be able to do so. This shows how a constitution enables a true set of laws to be followed by the book ? literally. In conclusion, a codified constitution allows citizens to know exactly what they are entitled to and how they are protected. However, laws are very hard to pass thus proving that in a growing society, which once thought slavery was perfectly acceptable, laws need to be easily amended to cater to the new ideas of society. With this being my main point and view, Britain should stay with an uncodified constitution. This enables us to change and to stay with the modern world. It has worked for Britain for over 1000 years and there is no reason to change it. ...read more.

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