Discuss the case for both for and against the UK continuing with its unwritten Constitution.

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Discuss the case for both for and against the UK continuing with its unwritten Constitution.

Britain currently has an un-codified constitution where parliament obtains sovereignty. The constitution itself contains a set of rules and principles that determine the relationship between the government and the governed, as well as the different branches of the government. However, British constitution is unique due to it being un-codified which means the constitution is not entrenched in one document but located in numerous sources, this can be seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage.  

A positive of the British un-codified constitution, is the flexibility it enables. Due to its ability to easily amend or change the constitution support social, political and economic conditions. This is seen as an advantage as the process to amend/change is significantly easier; less time consuming compared to a codified constitution and enable parliament to produce laws efficiently in relation to the current situation. In effect the unwritten constitution is ever evolving in order to obtain and satisfy the needs and wants of nation. They’re many examples of constitutional amendments, one being the Freedom of information act 2000 which disclosed information with held by government unless deeded otherwise. Due to this amendment of the constitution the people are knowledgeable of government procedures and enable the public it hold the governments accountable- this intern strengthens democracy. Amendments can be simply made by a majority vote through parliament which allowed the UK to introduce black rights at a significantly quicker compared to the US whom would have to pass it through  

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Although politicians could argue that a codified constitution could mean that the entrenchment could in effectively abolish flexibility, as the entrenchment would legally protect the constitution from modification; by making the amendment procedure significantly harder than in an uncodified constitution as it involves approval of the national legislature. The procedure itself would take a considerable amount of time to be passed in comparison to an amendment of an un-codified constitution.

Another positive attribute from having an un-codified constitution, is parliament sovereignty. This enables parliament to make, undo or amend any laws it wishes.  If a codified constitution was in place ...

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