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To what extent do pressure groups promote pluralist democracy?

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[To what extent do pressure groups promote pluralist democracy? 25m] By Mati Saidzai 12N Pressure groups are organised groups of people who are united by a common cause or topic. They do not seek for power instead they wish to influence and change the policies and views of government. They also try to get the public involved and they seek to influence and change their opinions and views too. Pressure groups have different classifications. One could be sectional pressure groups which are described as interest groups, who usually represent limited, specific interests. An example of this could be Unite, Britain?s biggest trade unions that represent general workers. ...read more.


All aim to influence policy and decision making. Methods used are to seek insider status. These numerous pressure groups all have the right to do this as they don?t have restriction on formation. Example of this could be CBI. Confederation of British industry welcomed a new business friendly government in 2010. This influenced government to reduce corporation tax on company profits by 94% over 4 years. This shows that pressure groups promote pluralist democracy in the UK. Another way pressure groups promote pluralist democracy can be that government listens. They listen to pressure groups and act upon their concerns which show that pressure groups promote pluralist democracy. ...read more.


This therefore supports the fact that pressure groups do not promote pluralist democracy. Another argument against pressure groups promoting pluralist democracy could be representation. The representation of pressure groups shows that it does not promote pluralist democracy. There are many groups that claim to represent the minorities. For example shelter represents the homeless and aids represent people with HIV or AIDS. However there is no single voice and so the group with the most money and resources are more likely to be listened to and so this is unfair. This suggests that pressure groups do not promote pluralist democracies most pressure groups are denied to influence. Overall In Conclusion, pressure groups do promote pluralist democracy because it makes government more efficient as the Pressure Groups put pressure on the government to make the decision that is best for the public. ...read more.

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