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Planning an Investigation into Parental Use of Physical Punishment.

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´╗┐Klaudia Lachowska. Psychology; 2; Describe and evaluate an appropriate procedure that could be used in this study. To find out how many parents use physical violence and what kind of physical punishment they use and why. For this procedure I would use self reports. Questionnaires will be given out to every parent that's outside a primary school and secondary school. I would give them out during morning and afternoon as different parents might pick up their children different times this would give me more data from different parent. Questionnaires will have some open questions and close questions to find out more details about punishment they're giving their kid and what's the reason for it. Some of my closed questions will be '' Do you use physical punishment on your kids?'' and other open questions would be '' If you do use physical punishment , why? '' and '' what kind of physical punishment it is ?'' ...read more.


After a year I could re do the questionnaires and check the reliability of my resources. The strength of my self report is that parents don't have to put their names down , this means they will feel more confident while answering knowing that nothing bad will happened if they answer it. Also this is a quick way to collect a data and easy way as well. The disadvantage of my self report is People may lie or skew their answers to make themselves look better. The person may not be able to give an accurate response due to cognitive biases, poor memory, etc. 4 B ; Describe and evaluate one way in which the researcher could measure concentration in this investigation. For this investigation the field experiment could be used. As the kids will be in their own natural environment and they will more likely to act naturally like they do in every day life. ...read more.


Once the kids will write down all their answers down , the data will be collected and they would be put in the graph showing us which year group have remembered more pictures and words and in what time of the day they have did better. The strength of this procedure is that kids are in their own natural environment and they dont know that they're being observed so they won't show off and pay their full attention to the pictures and words instead of the person that is observing them. Disadvantage of this is that the kids might feel bad that they haven?t remembered one word or a picture and they will give up as soon at they start , also kids that do much better and are concentrating more in class might do better this might be biased side of the experiment. And also we're only recording a visual memory , and there might be individually differences as some kids might remember better by hearing way or activity way. ...read more.

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