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Broken windows by James Q Wilson and George L Kelling.

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Assignment 1 Reading 7- Broken windows by James Q Wilson and George L Kelling. A) Wilson and Kelling discuss in the article the role of police in relation to crime. In order to improve the community's quality of life, "safe and clean neighborhood program's" were introduced. Money was provided to help cities assign police officers to walking beats, with the assumption that it would have an impact on crime rates. What foot patrollers did was to raise, the level of public order in these neighborhoods. Some police administrators argued that an officer in a squad car could observe as much as an officer on foot. Our experience is that you approach a person on foot more easily and talk to him more readily, then you do a person in a car. But the reality of police citizen encounters is powerfully altered by the automobile. An evaluation of the foot-patrol project was published five years later and concluded that foot patrol had not reduced crime rates. However Wilson and Kelling suggested that the neighborhood might be safer even though crime rates increased. They explained this by stating that residents of the foot patrolled neighborhood felt more secure and took fewer steps to protect themselves from crime. ...read more.


The police cannot provide a substitute for that informal control. On the other hand to reinforce those natural forces the police must accommodate them. The criminal apprehension process was always understood to involve individual rights. Those who wished to "decriminalize", disreputable behavior that "harmed no one ", were thought to be making a mistake. A particular rule that seems to make sense in the individual case makes no sense when it is made a universal rule and applied to all cases. The concern about justice is more serious. We have to hope that by the selection, training, and supervision, of the police, that they do not become the agents of neighborhood prejudice. We assume in thinking that what is good for the individual will be good for the community. It may be there greater sensitivity to communal as opposed to individual needs that helps explain why the residents of small communities are more satisfied with there police than are the residents of similar neighborhoods. There are two traditions of communal involvement in maintaining order: one of that is "community watchmen", were volunteer watchman patrolled there communities to keep order. The second tradition is "vigilante". ...read more.


The primary role of public order is to provide tactical advice to police in situations where, there is serious public disorder or there is a serious risk to public safety. The secondary role is to provide training police officers with specialist public order tactics. Officers assigned to police support units are trained by the Public Order according to tactics and standards defined by national policy. This ensures that police has enough trained officers to meet its internal and external commitments. Public Order can also provide operational support to police officers. In order to undertake a specialist role within the police service, you must first have completed your probationary period of two years as a Police Constable and be confirmed in appointment. Officers who meet the relevant criteria may then apply for posts in specialist roles. If their application is successful, the officer will then be appointed. Regarding the article, the experiment was carried out in Newark, which was a busy, but dilapidated area, with many abandoned buildings. The police, in this case 'Kelly', who was foot patrolling the area could be described as "enforcing the law", as he often took informal or extralegal steps to help protect what the neighbourhood had decided was the appropriate level of public order. Assignment 1 1 W03120790 ...read more.

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