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Aims and objectives for Carphone Warehouse and Meningitis research.

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Carphone Warehouse What is an aim? An aim is what a business wants to achieve. It is a long term vision or a general goal of a business. Businesses generally have 1 aim but some businesses might have 2 or 3 but it will be very hard for them to achieve because they might not have enough money or facilities to gain for example, profit. What is an objective? Objectives are smaller goals, which help achieve the business aim(s). They give businesses a clearly defined target and helps a business measure the progress towards it aim(s). Plans can made to achieve these targets. S- Specific objectives should specify what they want to achieve this should link to the aim. ...read more.


This will develop their website. The purpose of carephone warehouse setting these aims and objectives is so that they are aware of what they need to improve as a business and so that they can keep track of how much money, they are brining in and to make sure they are meeting their targets. So that they can see if they are making a profit and to see if they are achieving their aims. The consequences of Carphone warehouse not accomplishing these aims and objectives are that the business would be at standstill. They might not make profit and might lose existing customers to other business and they will not grow as a business, there going to have to close some stores if the situation gets worse. ...read more.


The purpose of meningitis is to raise awareness and to help cure people with meningitis and help the illness people that cannot afford to pay for their surgery. The penalties for meningitis is not achieving their aims are that they will still exist and they will not raise awareness, they will not have money to provide those with the illnesses. Conclusion In conclusion is that all types of businesses should have aims and objectives this is a better way of making a business more successful and to have the smart objectives so they can make profit and be successful all around the world. If a business does not have aims this business will not go any further and make a difference because they do not know what they are doing and this can be a big consequence to the business. ?? ?? ?? ?? Business studies ...read more.

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