Functional Areas within a business:- examples form CarPhone Warehouse and Meningitis charity.

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Functional Areas within a business:-

Functional areas are different departments of a business. Every business either it is a small small business or  big business like a Coke Company or Mobile Company it needs functional areas. Because functional areas are different departments of a business to help the business to run or to develop their business from low position to high position. In short only one person cannot control the whole business every business needs Functional Areas for different functions.

Some of the Functional areas are given below.


  This department of a business spends money on Capital Resources like Computers, Machineries and other goods which a company needs. They are  in charge of every missing stock in the business. And mostly in charge of money coming in and going out of a business. They pay wages and salaries to their Employees and they also prepare accounts and gives information of all the cash flow of a business.


This department keeps records of a business, they answer phones or making calls to the other departments, they open type of letters and E-mails etc and writhe E-mails and use to forward it to customers .Sectary’s make sure the business in operating efficiently.

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Human Resources:

This department of a business look after the employees, which means they can fire any employer from their business and can hire an employer to the business, and can cut down the workers wages to keep more profit going into the business and they keep trainings for their employees to train them about the new technologies which is useful in business.

Customer Service:

This department of a business is helping the customers, providing them information about the products and listening to their complains and trying to finish their problems. They deliver the products to customers after ...

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