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Describe the products & services provided by the London eye and Wookey Hole Caves.

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Unit 22 - The appeal of UK Visitor Attractions P1 - Describe the products & services provided by 1 built and 1 natural attraction. The built attraction I chose to talk about its primary and secondary products is London eye. The primary products the London eye offer are; river cruises, and pre booked private capsules for special occasions. Primary Products - London Eye River Cruise - EDF energy operates the London eye and the London eye river cruise. The London eye river cruise is basically a river cruise that visitors can go on to enjoy a 40minute circular sightseeing trip on the river Thames with live commentary that gives brief information and highlights on every famous inventive they pass. ...read more.


Once the photos of them have been taken, visitors exit directly to the souvenir shop as well as the photo viewing place where visitors can look at their photos and decide on whether they want to purchase an image or not. Zen Caf� Zen caf� offers a range of tea, coffee, drinks, sandwiches, cakes and snacks. There are two cafes: one inside County Hall and one opposite the London Eye gift shop. Wookey Holes The natural attraction that I have chosen is Wookey Hole Caves. Wookey Hole Caves is Britain's most spectacular cave attraction and legendary home of the infamous Witch of Wookey. Tourists can wander through the ancient valley of the Dinosaurs featuring King Kong and relax in the attractions magical fairy garden. ...read more.


Penny Arcade - Wookey Hole has the biggest collection of original Edwardian Penny Arcade machines in the country, and visitors can play them with real old pennies. Visitors must change their money at the kiosk, and the staff provides them with a pocketful of old pennies to use on any of the machines. Other facilities such as the ones listed as secondary products, ATM machines, and toilets with the facility for babies and disabled people could also be provided. This would allow the people to spend more time at the attraction without thinking of having to go some other place in case they needed food, toilets or cash. ?? ?? ?? ?? Fahmi Ally P1 ...read more.

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