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Human Resources Department > Hiring new employees.

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Human Resources Department > Hiring new employees Employees. One of the most important jobs that the human resources department has to do is hiring new employees for a some one to be hired there must be a job avaalabe inside the business. For a business as large as Tesco PLC there is always jobs available, a job can be made available on the following grounds. An employee can be made dismissed. Dismissed meaning that the employee has been given the "sack". In order for an employee to be dismissed they must have went through a disciplinary procedure (unless they were instantly dismissed, this is rare and is also known as gross misconduct). This is done when an employee continuously an annoyance to another employee or the business its self. An example of why some one might be dismissed could be for the following reasons: Racism to other employees, violent to other employees, theft from the business or other employees, to many days off, and gross misconduct (an example of gross misconduct could be a serious theft, assault of another employee and so on.) ...read more.


If the employee continued to turn up to work late then the senior managers has the right to give the employee a formal "telling off" this is recorded on the employees records however some businesses "wipe the slate clean" each year. This is known as stage two of the disciplinary procedure. Stage two also a verbal warning. Retirement This is when an employee of the business decides to leave on grounds of his or her age. If the employee started a pension he or she may decide to live off that. If the employee did not start a pension then the employee would receive a state pension. Promotion If an employee has left the business then someone needs to take his or her place. This can be done in two ways internal and external recruitment. Internal recruitment: If a senior employee has left the business or has been promoted him or herself then the business may decide to promote one of the staff that's lower down the hirakie. ...read more.


However this is rare. Stage two: Hopefully by now the problems sorted, but if the problem still occurs then it's the right of the employee to organise a formal interview with more senior managers. Again its in the managers best interest to sort the problem out before it gets to stage three, where there's a chance of the issue being more public, which means a bad reputation on the business. Stage three: This is a formal interview with an outside body, like ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) this official outside body makes recommendations for each party to agree to. If none of the above works then it's the employees right to appeal for an employment tribunal. The way the employment tribunal works is similar to the court, each party gets a say and there's a judge and jury. The employment tribunal unlike ACAS can enforce their decisions. The employee can also sue the business, however this is rare. Grievance procedures can also be carried out for unfair pay, other types of harassment not only race or sex related (for example disability), unfair treatment and misconduct. ...read more.

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