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Survey of businesses in my local area.

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Survey of businesses in My local area Here is a list of businesses and their type of business organisations they are listed under. Sole trader Partnership Private Limited Companies Bakeries: The Pantry Cosson Anthony & Son Pearce G.J Ltd Pearce bakers Spray's bakeries Ltd Robert Brooks Preston's village bakery Shannon's bakery Uppercrust Yosi's bagels & bakers Builders: J.G Woods P J Murphy & Sons Mitchell building contractors Ltd I.S brickwork Morris & Wyatt R.R construction Ltd P&P builders Roxwell Ltd J.Reynolds & Son Janda building & refurbishment Ltd Merril F.J & Son Ltd Millenitech (UK) Ltd Longwood Constructors Ltd M L Hart builders Ltd Driving Schools: Kens school of motoring B&K school of motoring Lazer School of motoring Ltd Roberts driver training Joe Bradley & Sons Grange school of motoring Five star training Geoff Lyons ADI Mikes school of motoring Stifford driving school Solicitors: Andrew Abereale solicitors Aaron Joseph & co Sackvilles solicitors Ltd Edward Woodcraft Alan Winter & co Penmans solicitors Ltd Akhlar Hussain & co Edward Oueir & Belli F. Barnes & Son Allsop & co solicitors Sandhu & Shah solicitors Moss & Coleman solicitors Accountants: Aston Hart David lee Abel & co ACCA Ltd Price Bailey A. ...read more.


This is why businesses that provide a service use a partnership organisation mainly. Private Limited Companies mainly are companies that are quite large and need a lot of capital to run the business. A private limited company is usually made up of two people who know each other, such as family or friends. This way there are usually less arguments. Also each person that owns the company buys shares into the company and is given profit deciding on the amount they first invested in. This kind of organisation is usually quite large and is usually a company that is well expanded and has many stores or shops than a sole trader would usually have one property. Companies like builder merchants tend to use this sort of organisation, as it is easy to raise capital that is needed in this sort of business. Why people choose a sole trader organisation: People who usually want to start a business usually start from a sole trader and work themselves up if they wish to expand their company. I asked The Pantry my local bakery why they choose a sole trader organisation. ...read more.


I asked Merril F.J & Son Ltd why they had decided to become a private limited company. Merril F.J & Son Ltd are builder merchants and they told me they had decided to become a private limited company because that way the family was able to raise capital by selling shares within the family. They told me that they first had started of as sole traders and then later decided to go into a private limited company organisation because that way it would become a family business and also that way all of their relatives could have shares in the business which benefited them and us as it was easier to raise capital. In conclusion the best type of business that can be set up in my area would be a sole trader business or a partnership. This is because these organisations provide the consumers with their needs and services that are needed where as the private limited companies provide the consumer with wants than needs. However this is not always the case. Jasmit Hundal 10Gk ...read more.

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