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Advertisement project for IT

Extracts from this document...


Though I have marked this as Day 1, but to follow the days just look at the date of clipping, that should also let u automatically see what day by comparing with start date. Day 1: 4/3/09 Screen clipping taken: 4/3/2009, 2:47 PM Screen clipping taken: 1/16/2009, 7:36 PM Screen clipping taken: 1/16/2009, 7:36 PM Screen clipping taken: 4/3/2009, 2:59 PM Screen clipping taken: 4/3/2009, 2:59 PM I have to move my modified verison of the bottle from photoshop to flash, and u just do a simple drag action into flash. Screen clipping taken: 4/3/2009, 3:08 PM Always look at the side bar, *oval circled* to see what tool I am using to pre- Form the steps I am doing. The tool I'll be using will always be darkened, so you can automatically see Here I have to modify the size of the bottle. I used the crop tool as you can see on the LHS bar. Screen clipping taken: 4/3/2009, 3:15 PM Flash work with keys, and the time line. What I have done here is that I inserted a key, at 1 second, and placed where I want the bottle to be at that points, and that all what flash is about. The time - and placement of the object according to the keys. Screen clipping taken: 4/3/2009, 3:15 PM I know that this isnt going to be the only bottle that has to move, so there is no way I can get ...read more.


DAY 5 6.4.09 While constructing the big bottles, use the lines, I was using them as rulers, to navigate the postion of the bottles. Also you cant see the parlour, I have blocked it so that I can easily make the train for the biggies. And if u look closely you can see that all of the layers have been organized into folders. This makes everything much easier. After im finished with creating. I will delete the rulers, re-appear the the parlour and it should work hopefully. Also remember to have the right gaps in the timeline between the key-frames really important, and that each bottle is on different layers! DAY 6 8.4.09 How it looks, when Im finished. You can see that I edited the size of the stage, really important, this allows everything to fit. DAY 7 10.4.09 Im nearly done all I have to do now is to add a gun marker, I will use a set of codes to make it become the cursor. But first I have to create the cursor. Which you can see above. DAY 8 11.4.09/12.4.09 Now after I had created my crusor, I edited the size and the colour, and then I selected it, pressed F8, turned it a movie clip, After that, I pressed f9, and added the above code: onClipEvent(enterFrame){ _x = _parent._xmouse; _y = _parent._ymouse; } And wooolah! ...read more.


My plan is actually to create a power point presentation of how I would want my pop up to appear on the website. I want to then collaborate it onto jQuery where I can add the presentation into the program to create a pop-up code. To test my product I said I was going to create a questionnaire that I will send around the Year 11, and other years. This is ideal because my target audience is teenagers, and adults. The questionnaire is below. Also the questionnaire will be shown with a picca of the product. Questions Answer Circle your answer: Y = Yes, N= No Do you know what product is being advertised? Y N Did you find the ad attractive ? Y N Did you find it to long? Y N Was the length of the ad good? Y N Do you like beer? Y N Would you click this pop-up on site? Y N Would this pop-up get your attention? Y N Do you think it was boring? Y N Would you recognize this beer now? Y N Is the pop-up professional looking? Y N Are you bored? Y N Would u want to buy this beer now? Y N What do you think of this pop-up Amazing Good OK Bad Crap Completely useless What would you improve? Open answer I was thinking of also posting the pop-up on the ishmoodle and see how many people would click on it and add a counter. This will allow me to see if people notice my product or not. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Graphics section.

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