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Toy project DT

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Toys are described as playthings for the use of children, normally a toy is to provide entertainment and education. It is widely believed that toys influence the emotional, social, mental and the physical development of children. They play a great part to the early years of a person's life: to occupy and to teach. So it is important what toys children play with and the quality of them. For many centuries children have been interested in toys. Prehistoric toys must have existed because children and adults have used their imagination to create toys out of any materials. Objects have survived which have been made out of terracotta are expected to be around 3000 years old. These were made in the Mediterranean and the Near East, and were models of animals and some pull along toys on wheels. It has been proven that Egyptians, Romans and Greeks have mad toy for children these include dolls, terracotta animals with moving parts or wheels, Egyptian wooden figure of a man games with dice, marbles and counters, hoops, yo-yos kneading dough and knucklebones. Toys such as animal figures, b***s, spinning tops and toys with simple mechanisms are found in most cultures in the world. Many toys have a simple movement within the toy. Among them are jointed figures sent into acrobatic antics by pressure or torsion, devices activated by swinging weights, balancing or falling toys motivated by gravity and toys that have a wheel that turns which moves something else. These are all toys I am considering to make, hopefully entertaining the child whilst educating. The toy must be suitable for the user. My toy will be aimed for children aged from 4-7 years of age so the size of it is important: it must not be too big for then it will be too large for the child to pick up, but if it is too small it may be too delicate for the child's hand or possible for the child to swallow some of the parts. ...read more.


My design and any prototypes will be tested by children and myself. Toys are tested for durability, toxicity and thickness... sharp edges, points and small parts, pinch points, entrapment holes or slots and oversize string lengths... The toy industry and the Federal reaction to impact, torsion, flexing and compression. government work hard to ensure that toys Fisher-Price Information Pack are among the safest products brought into a home. A toy may go through more than a Rarely does a toy itself cause an accident. The quality hundred safety tests to imitate the kind of And safety of today's toys ensure that. Of all accidents use and abuse it goes through in the hands of That occur in the home, those that are toy related a child. Toys are tested for sharp points and Represent just 1.5% - and not all these affect children. edges, small parts, flammability, toxicity Many accidents are caused by toys left lying on the and more. I got this information the Floor for an unwary adult to trip over. "Toy Safety Website" which I summarized _ in my own words Brio Information Pack A safe toy is one which can be played with and causes A toy... must be very durable in its no danger to the children construction. A broken toy is a potential Brio Information Pack source of danger. Fisher-Price Information Pack Looking at Other Products from other markets. Interactive Bus This toy is a large push-a-long bus. It will be too large for a young child to pick up but the child will be able to push it along. The bus is brightly coloured, mostly red blue and yellow, and is very educational. It is educational by having letters and numbers to be put in to the appropriate holes, it also has a sound system that teaches children to speak correctly. It also: * Teaches phonic letter sounds, letter names and numbers 1 to 10. ...read more.


Wood Wood is reasonably strong and is aesthetically pleasing and has a good feel. It will be the easiest material for production in the workshop. Pine Can be easily cut, glued and nailed without splitting. It is fairly hard, durable material and is quite stable. Beech Beech has a close even grain and is very tough. It is quite a hard and heavy wood. It does not split or have an our. It is a safe material for making children's toys, which is why it is a popular choice for making children's toys. I have decided to make my toy out of Plastic because it is aesthetically pleasing, durable, will be easy to make my design from the material, and is safe for children to play with. Metals and wood will be too difficult to cut and shape in a school workshop. Pine can create a lot of dust and is not as durable and hard as Plastic. Wood is not as attractive or durable as Plastic, it may also split if I use wood. Therefore plastic must be the best material to use. And I might use PVC, PVC is stiff and hardwearing or can be rubbery and flexible. It is available in a wide variety of colours and opaque or transparent. Also known as Naughts and crosses, Large bold wooden piece on a 20cm square wooden board. Making of Product packaging I will be adding a bar code to promote my package so it will look more professional This will be the information on the back of the Packaging: Lekhraj Newoor plc, Hampstead School, Westbere road, London, NW2 2SD. PLEASE RETAIN THIS INFORMATION FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. Made in London _______________________________________________________________________ I've constructed my packaging off another packaging that I made my own.I did this so I could promote my final board game "noughts and crosses". I will also add a warning signs such as "CHOCKING HAZARD" for safety reasons, my game mustn't have any sharp edges so I will have to sand those edges down. Lekhraj Newoor 11.1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Graphics section.

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