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My project will be a promotional package for a newly formed company. It will be a food company, which produces top quality traditional Chinese food, e.g. moon cakes, ¡¥waxed sausages¡, etc.

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Section 1 Introduction Introduction My project will be a promotional package for a newly formed company. It will be a food company, which produces top quality traditional Chinese food, e.g. moon cakes, 'waxed sausages', etc. This project will consist of making a logo for the company, a business card, a letter headed paper and an introductory leaflet. The logo will be designed with iGrafx Image; business card will be designed with Microsoft(r) Publisher; letter headed paper with Microsoft(r) Word; and an introductory leaflet with Microsoft(r) Publisher. The logo should give customers a general idea of what the company is and produces. The logo will also be used all the way through my project to indicate that they are all about the company. Logos from existing Chinese food companies may be used for getting some ideas for my logo, and I will use the Internet to find some examples. Pictures will be used in the leaflet to attract readers. The leaflet should have simple text to allow readers to read through it easily, using Franklin Gothic Book as the text. It should have 3 to 5 pages, consisting of the main achievement of the company, products of the company with brief descriptions (certainly with pictures of the products next to them), and at the back of the leaflet will have contact numbers and addresses of the company, web site address (if available) and also with the phone number and address of the headquarter of the company so that customers can phone in and give their comments and queries, as customers are always right! ...read more.


They all told me that they have never tried one before. Maybe I should consider giving up mooncakes for my company, or maybe I should take a risk to introduce these delicious cakes that are very famous in an alien country. To make this decision, I went to Chinatown in London during half-term and asked for some information. I made a questionnaire for them to fill in. This questionnaire is designed for shops that sell traditional Chinese food package gifts and Chinese recipes, but the only shop I found which sold mooncakes was a small caf� called Far East Chinese Restaurant (even though it was not quite a restaurant). There I met the caf�'s owner and asked him to fill in my questionnaire, and here are his replies: His answers showed that Chinese food and festivals are very popular amongst English people, and his reply for question number 3 tells me that there is no problem with introducing mooncakes in my promotional package. Promotional Packages I am using Microsoft(r) Publisher 2000 (at school) and 2002 (on my notebook) to make my leaflet, letterhead and business card. They all consist of the company's address, phone and facsimile number, website address and e-mail address, and, of course, it's logo. They all have the similar layout, such as the background and the colour theme. Note that they are all using the desert colour theme provided in Publisher. I made 5 attempts on the leaflet, as it is the most important part of my project. ...read more.


What I could have done before everything went wrong was to make a backup of the file when it was still in the format of Publisher 2000 file, and then I could have waited until my software has arrived. Section 9 Health and Safety Matters Health and Safety Matters In the Computer Room... Dos Do: * Save work regularly just in case the computer crashes * Leave computer room tidy * Keep bags under desks so people won't trip over and get injured by falling into the computers Don'ts Do not: * Eat, drink next to computers / in computer rooms * Run in computer rooms Health and Safety Issues in relation to I.T. If our eyes have been focusing on a certain distance for a long time, e.g. working on computers or playing on TV games, the muscles in them will become stressed and causes eyestrain; therefore it is important that we should take a break regularly when working on a computer and look away from the screen. Also, our backs can be hurt when we are not sitting properly. We should always ensure that we are sitting upright when using a computer. Use the support of the chair and set the seat up to the right height. Using the keyboard and mouse for a long time can cause repetitive strain injury, caused by our arms and wrists doing repeated actions for a lot of time. Again, we should take a break regularly to prevent this happening. Richard Lai I.T. Project 1A 01/05/2007 4th Form ...read more.

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