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Project Evaluation: Comparing my Outputs to the Specification

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Comparing my Outputs to the Specification The logo My solution to the task allows the users of the system to print off a ready designed promotion package and customise each part of it to include their name and the address of their particular branch of Daisy Chain. The users can alter the logo slightly and can also create a completely new logo from the user guide. They can edit details quickly, for example if a shop moves or a designer is employed, then these details can be added to the business card or letterheaded paper. The system can only use fonts and borders that exist on the software- they can't create original ones. I have managed to produce a suitable logo that meets all the points on the specification. It has been significantly changed since I drew the initial design and I now feel that it is now much better than the original version. Everyone I have asked about it has confirmed this. There are however some points that you can't really say whether the logo has met- you can't tell whether the logo will date or not. If it does then following the user guides could produce a new one. To produce most of the items in the promotional package I used Adobe, which isn't strictly a graphics program, but it has sufficient features to meet all the needs of this project. ...read more.


The Folder The folder also meets all the requirements laid out by the design specification. This means that it * Contains the logo as well as a background devised from the logo * Is big enough to hold the whole package but fits through a letter box * Has an interesting way of holding the business card and leaflet * Can easily be adapted to alternative designs * Contain the name of the company I was especially pleased with the swirl pattern on the back of the folder. I didn't expect the detail to be so good, and I was surprised at how easy it was to change the settings to create different swirls. Unfortunately the front of the folder didn't print quite as well as the back and has some lines across it. I believe this is just a printing error, and shouldn't happen again, because the back cover was printed immediately after this and was perfectly fine. "gloosy attractive modern unusual The Leaflet The leaflet took a lot of time to create because of all the information that I wanted to go in it. However, it does meet all the requirements of the design specification and can be edited easily. This means that it * Has the logo and phone number on the front page * Has the phone number on every page * Provides information on what the company does and why you should use the company * Contains a list of the kinds of things that the company sells and a price list * Contains some original pictures (and some from Adobe) ...read more.


Comments from some possible employees on making business cards using the Adobe were- On the user-guide... "The user-guide instructions were precise and I could follow them easily even though I have little IT experience." "...Clear and concise..." "The help provided in the user- guide pointed out some things that didn't appear on clue cards and helped me when I was adding text. Without them I would have struggled." ...On Adobe " The clue cards on Adobe complemented the User Guide." "All the special effects processes could be done at the click of a button and could be easily undone afterwards." "Although Adobe isn't a graphics program, it had almost unlimited special effects options which could be used together or on their own." "I was very impressed with the quality of the finished card I produced." Conclusion I am pleased with the results of this project and surprised at how good Adobe was. I was spoilt for choice of special effects and the clue cards helped me when I was learning to use the program. I was surprised at how much I could do to a picture after only a short period of time. My presentation package meets all the requirements of my specification even if the logo has changed significantly since the first design. I think that the logo could realistically be used, but a simplified version would probably have to be made, as it would be too expensive to use a photo for a logo on everything. ...read more.

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