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Frankenstein Poem

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Frankenstein Poem I argued with my maker my feelings of insecurity grew I was confused, unsure I found myself in the woods Watching them Watching them Observing them Learning from them I watched, I saw emotion I watched, I heard them speak I learned about their relationships and commitments They had a father - A father A person to rely on A person to trust A person to admire I had none of these I ...read more.


Enabling me to learn Learn the language Learn geography, history Learn how to behave The stranger was like me, different, unusual She looked different, sounded different And they accepted, took on this person, this stranger I hoped I wished I could be taken in like one of the family I was still learning learning about life, a wider view of life Gaining a wider perspective of life I was realizing What I was What I wasn't ...read more.


not be heard or even known I was so shut out, isolated Isolated from intercourse Then I found the books Such a delightful find They excited me Excited my emotions I was on my own, so isolate I was solitary and abhorred I was worst than Satan, I had no one I had nothing, no friends or relations That was my father's fault My creator I cursed him Yet I loved him I was so confused. ...read more.

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