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Compare and Contrast the works Of two poets who write on The themes of people And landscape - Ronald Stewart Thomas and William Wordsworth

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Daniel Sitaranjan Compare and Contrast the works Of two poets who write on The themes of people And landscape Ronald Stewart Thomas and William Wordsworth are the two poets mentioned in the title. Even though both wrote on corresponding topics of people and landscape, the two poets approach their writing with a much different mentality. RS Thomas takes a more realistic and down to earth view. His poems are often cut straight to the point, whereas William Wordsworth uses romance and exaggerated beauty. His poems focus on the positive side of life. He is also a very patriotic man and in many of his poems you can witness this. RS Thomas is a practical man. Probably because of the way Thomas lived and the different period in which he wrote. RS Thomas is more representative of the 20th century whereas William Wordsworth is representative of the 18th and 19th centuries. William Wordsworth was born on April 7, 1770, in Cockermouth, Cumberland, and educated at St John's College, Cambridge University. He developed a keen love of nature as a youth, and during school holidays he frequently visited places prominent for their scenic beauty. ...read more.


He referred to the sun with his; he is therefore showing respect. He also mentioned the river as a 'his'; using personification brings it to life and making it more intense. "In his first splendour" And "The river glideth at his Own sweet will." He is so struck by the sight he exclaims "Dear God! " Then he uses another piece of personification to make the calmness more obvious. The river flowing slowly and the houses are being asleep. He then uses a metaphor on the last line. " And all that the mighty heart Is lying still." This is a significant piece of imagery brought out with this metaphor. The heart is one of the most important organs in the body. It supplies the rest of the body with blood and keeps us alive. In the same way London, England is the compared to the heart as it 'pulses' sending the economy and exports in terms of finance to the rest of the world. If this, the main part was to stop then so would the world. That is how patriotic and nationalistic he is. The effects of imagery that he used have all been employed effectively to give the poem its picturesque beauty, which seems to last forever and shows no evidence of ever coming to an end unlike RS Thomas's poem. ...read more.


The anxiety of his whereabouts. You also can feel sympathy for the tramp. He is ashamed to look into the face of those he begs from. "He looks at his feet, I look at the sky." For the person he is begging from the sky ids the limit. He can move along with the new technologies. He can learn more things and become part of the civilising. But the tramp...he has nothing. "Over us the planes build The shining rafters Of that New World." But then at night you sleep in your bed and you can be afraid of losing what you have. But the tramp he can dream peacefully. He has nothing to lose. "My dreams are haunted Are his dreams rich?" He uses personification when he says the planes 'build'. Also there is some alliteration when he says, " On his way-where?" This makes the question stick out in your mind, you just think 'way-where?' Where is the tramp to go, what can he do with his life? The poet questions you. This makes the poem more deep and intense. In the end you can certainly tell the difference in character and reasoning these men have. Wordsworth, tee more airy and dreamy poet for Thomas however quite the contrast with his level headed and solemn approach. ...read more.

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