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Compare the main characters from Lamb to the Slaughter and The Tell Tale Heart.

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Both the writers in Lamb to the Slaughter and The Tell Tale Heart, show the main characters in the stories to be obsessed by their victims. In Lamb to the Slaughter the obsession is obvious straight away, but in The Tell Tale Heart the main character's obsession is not clear until later on in the story. The writers both show obsession by their characters in the same way. Roald Dahl, the writer of Lamb to the Slaughter, has tried to make Mary Malony's obsession with her husband clear. In the story Mary Malony acts with her husband's best interests in mind. When he gets home she is concerned for him; we know this because when she wants to cook him dinner, she keeps saying, "have something to eat." ...read more.


She laid aside her sewing, stood up, and went forward to kiss him as he came in." All this evidence points to one thing, that she is obsessed with this man. It is her blind obsession that eventually led to her killing Mr. Malony. The writer has shown that Mary Malony is obsessed with her husband, and wanted everything to be perfect when he came home, when she would cater for his every whim. She would not leave him alone for one second after he came in the door. This is how Roald Dahl portrayed obsession in Lamb to the Slaughter. In The Tell Tale Heart, Edgar Allan Poe portrays obsession by repeating and further reinstating why he has a reason to be obsessed with the eye. ...read more.


The narrator continues about the eye, "It was open -- wide, wide open --- and I grew furious as I gazed upon it." When the narrator repeats words in the sentence this creates emphasis which shows that the narrator is dwelling on the eye. Edgar Allen Poe shows obsession in The Tell Tale Heart, by showing repetition and a focus on the old mans eye. I think that Roald Dahl and Edgar Allan Poe both show obsession of the main characters of their stories in different ways. This is probably because there is a gap of eighty years between when they were written. Both writers have shown distinct evidence that both of the main characters are obsessed with their victims - Mary Malony to Mr. Malony and The narrator of The Tell Tale Heart to the old mans "vulture eye". ...read more.

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