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The Metrocentre.

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The Metrocentre (ai) The metrocentre is located on the outskirts of Newcastle, in my opinion it is situated in a very clever place. It is just outside the main built up areas of the city so most citizens are within a half an hour drive of it. Also, the people of other nearby areas like Sunderland and South Shields are quite near to the metrocentre and would be prepared to travel there as it has a large range of goods and therefore a larger sphere of influence. Another good feature of the site is that it is near to public transport links. There are two train lines running almost straight past the site one coming from Carlisle the other from Newcastle city centre. In summary the metrocentre is located on an excellent site as it as accessible from a long way away both by road and public transport, these links would definitely increase the chances of more customers going to the centre. ...read more.


(bi) The layout is clever as at the top end it passes very close to a train station and at the bottom and side entrances it has easy access by road. The layout has clearly been carefully planned to fit the important travel networks as the most important thing for a place like the metrocentre is to be accessible to your customers. (bii) The car parks have been carefully placed for two main reasons. Firstly, they are spread out so that people coming from different roads park in different areas. If they just had one huge car park there would be a massive convergence of traffic into it which could cause congestion. Also, the only entrances from the car parks into the main buildings take you through shops, there by encouraging you to by products. ...read more.


* Being situated out of town means that you are more accessible to more people by train and car. * The new shopping centres create lots of jobs and improved local travel links. (d) However, despite the good points for out of town shopping centres many people oppose them for a number of reasons: * All of the big shops like Marks and Spencer move from town centres, taking with them lots of the customers that used to use local village shops. * Smaller shops can't compete with the cheap prices of place like the metrocentre so they quickly go out of business. * Town centres soon become "dead" this means that they are empty even on Saturday afternoons (prime shopping time) because everyone has gone to their nearest metrocentre. * Soon a town, once reliant on shopping has to turn to other sources like tourism as many businesses face up to a 70% loss of profits. ...read more.

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