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Communication within organisations

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Communication Businesses need to communicate with a range of different individuals and organisations. Good communication allows a business to be run efficiently. Method of communication: External communication: This is communication which takes place outside of the business, such as communication to customers or other businesses. Ways of external communication are: e-mail, television, advertisements, magazines, leaflets. Internal communication: This is communication which takes place within the business such as communication between different departments of the business or communication between members of staff. Ways of internal communication are: oral, phones, message boards, e-mail. Open Communication: This is when someone is communicating to a wide range of people in and out the business. Such as oral communication, message boards. Restricted communication: This is obviously communication which is restricted to a few people, such as: private meetings, colleague discussions, e-mail. Formal Communication: This is communication which is generally in letter form and has been recorded, such as a formal warning to an employee. Informal Communication: Communication which is oral such as a conversation over the telephone. ...read more.


Letters: This has the advantage of being private, addressed to a specific person, does not depend on electricity or computers, and is possible to make a record of. The disadvantages being could be lost in post, not very quick, and also could be misinterpreted. Advertising: The advantages being attract new customers, reaches a wide range of people. The disadvantages are being expensive, hard to distribute (leaflets, magazines), takes a long time to set up project, also can be misinterpreted. Memorandums: The advantages are quick and easy to write, can be recorded, look more professional. The disadvantages are they could be lost and again misinterpreted. Fax: This is quick and enables the sender to send a lot of information at once and be able to send diagrams. The disadvantages are the receiver need a fax machine this is not private and it is easily sent to the wrong people. Financial Documents: The advantages are, giving a clear statement of inflow and outflow and enables the person to asses the financial situation easily whilst listing profits. ...read more.


Although this could improved more people having fax machines in offices allowing faxes to be sent privately, and maybe numbers being stored in fax machines so the correct number is dialled. E-mail; Improvements can be made by having anti virus software installed on machines a contacts list so e-mails are sent to the correct person and employees being trained in IT to have less human errors. Telephone: More phone lines should be equipped with an answer machine or voicemail service as there is not a person around to always answer the phone so a message can be let. For the business as a whole they could install more telephone lines allowing people to get through directly to the department they want and less lines being engaged. Letters: Letters can be typed so it is easy to read than someone's handwriting and the business can have a mail service so letters can be sent faster to different departments. Also letters can be word processed to give a more professional look with a letter head or watermark and sent by a courier to ensure quick and safe delivery. ...read more.

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