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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 5631

It design

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DESIGN Structure diagram Gantt chart - Implementation 29/10 19/11 26/11 03/12 10/12 17/12 Logo -design Logo - export Template page Navigation bar - buttons Editable regions (each page) - information diary Input Data Input data is data which is put into the computer. This data is then also split into two sections, data needed for the creation and data needed for it to run. First of all the data needed for the creation of the system would include the logo, photographs/pictures which are image inputs and there are three devices available to input an image. However, none of this input data can be put through if there is no hardware to do it; therefore hardware is needed to transfer this information into the computer. First of all, you have the choice of a scanner for an image input. The scanner is very good when it comes to things such as transferring images from paper to computer but doesn't help with other things. The scanner can also take up a lot of space in the office and is quite mechanical and may be hard to get used to. The scanner however gives many options for size and quality of the images and can be very useful in many other ways. There is also the choice of the digital camera, which is always very handy. The digital camera is very quick and easy to use, as all you need to do is take a photo of the desired object and then plug it into your computer and copy the file. It is a simple way of getting images up quickly. This is very different from the scanner because you can actually take the photos whereas the scanner you could only scan in images which were already printed. The digital camera is very easy to carry around and does not take up a lot of space either, the price is also quite low and affordable, and this is why I recommend the company use the digital camera and this is why I will be using a digital camera in setting up the images for the website. ...read more.


Validation: This is an automatic computer check to ensure that the data entered is appropriate. For example, if you wanted someone to put in their age of birth to subscribe for something, you might have to be over 18. So you would want the age to be for example, between 18 and 70. This specific type of validation is known as a range check. These are the types of validation needed for specific fields: Input Is validation needed? Validation type Specific validation First name Yes Length check <15 Surname Yes Length check <20 Gender Yes Allowable entry M or F Age Yes Range check and number >18 and <110 Contact number Yes Range check and number check >10 and <12 Email Yes Email Check it has (@) Departure from Yes Allowable entry Dover or Calais Season ticket? Yes Allowable entry Yes or No (if yes do not fill in any further) Time Yes Allowable entry List of departure times Date Yes Allowable entry 1. Day 2. Month 3. Year Number of tickets Yes Range check and number check >0 and <49 Number in party Yes Number check >0 and <30 Departure from Yes Allowable entry Dover or Calais Time Yes Allowable entry List of departure times Date Yes Allowable entry 4. Day 5. Month 6. Year Share a hovercraft? Yes Allowable entry Yes or No Food/drink Yes Allowable entry Yes or No Verification: Verification is a check to ensure that the data entered exactly matches the original one. It is important for this system because there is a ticket booking page and therefore if people input incorrect data they need to be given the ability to check it before it goes throughout the system and this will mean less errors occurring and no time wasting is happening. There are two main methods of verification: * Double entry (typing the data in twice and comparing the two) ...read more.


Microsoft word also has font sizes in points and they aren't relative. The images on Microsoft word also have alternative tags but the images are defined in pixels so it may take time to load up and the pictures may get distorted. On the other hand for Flash the image is all one and the font is stored as an image as well so it is very different to other web design. However the palette for Flash is also web safe so this is good. There is also file sizes and download times that you have to consider when creating web pages. In this case Flash's file size is unknown but out of dream weaver and Microsoft word, dream weaver is 4kb and Microsoft word is 12.3kb this means that dream weaver is faster to download and has a smaller file size. This is because Microsoft word has a lot of codes behind all the appearance this means the file size grows. The layout of web designing is also very important in the process of designing. For example dream weaver has a choice of tables and layers, layers for a more creative look and tables for a neat and tidy look. For Microsoft word there are only tables and for Flash there is once again the freedom of choice. The final thing that you have to think very carefully about is the final appearance of the whole web design when finished. Dream weaver will give you a professional, well laid out, neat and tidy. Microsoft word will give you a neat tidy piece. However it is fitted to the size a4 dimensions so there will be large white gaps at the end. However for Flash there is once again the creative side and it can be full of choice and new ideas. Overall there are a wide variety of choices and a range but in the end they are all very different and unique in their own ways and they are all very good pieces of professional web designing programmes. Fiona Nam 10W ...read more.

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