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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1670

Task 1 - Hardware and Software

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Task 1 - Hardware and Software Report Introduction In this task (task 1) will be introducing you to the modern computer. There are no bad Personal Computer systems. The least powerful system available today is better than the most expensive system of a few years ago. High quality components are produced in such large numbers and at such low prices, that there is no profit building a computer yourself!!! Each year the same amount of money will buy more and faster memory, larger disks, and faster DVD writers than last year slower/lesser hardware. Today's computer consists of two main parts of the computer and then other small but important parts in which, those part consists of. The main Parts of the computer are called the Hardware and Software, with out these the computer wouldn't be a computer. The software runs the programs and the hardware runs the software and Computer and also other components. Here are some examples of the many components which the hardware and software are: FACT: Hardware is the part you can touch and handle and the Software is the program you can see that runs the desktop but can't touch. 1 The CPU (Central Processing Unit)-Is the main Part of the computer; it's the brain 2 Input Devices- It enable data to enter the computer (e.g. ...read more.


Data can be put in the computer though a load of different devices. Here are a few examples of input devices: o The keyboard o The mouse o Web cam o Digital Camera o Scanner o Microphone o Cd drive o Floppy o USB o Serial ports ABOUT: The keyboard The trusted keyboard is one of the main input devices. It's used to input numbers, letters and commands into the computer and is shown in the monitor. The standard QWERTY keyboard (first 5 letters of the keyboard) comes with most, if not all, computers and plugs in the ps2 slot, which is normally situated at the back the computer. But there it not JUST these standard keyboards there are others like "The Comfort Keyboard" which uses the familiar QWERTY key arrangement, but has a difference! It is separated into three sections which can be adjusted for an individual's needs and comfort, cool or what? And an optional foot pedal can be programmed to represent any key (or keys) on the keyboard! It doesn't come cheap though one of these keyboards can set you back £450, whereas, a standard QWERTY keyboard will only cost around £20. The Mouse The mouse is mainly used to fiddle around with selections and options on the screen. ...read more.


Some examples of Software are: Drivers, Operating systems, drawing packages, word processors, games and all the various programs which we install in our computer. Operating Systems Operating systems are the most important programs that runs on a computer. Every computer must have an operating system to run other programs. Operating systems perform basic tasks, such as recognizing input from the keyboard, sending the picture to the display screen, keeping track of files and controlling printer, scanner etc. Linux: Linux is an operating system mostly used in servers and it normally cost around 300 pounds. Windows: Windows it the normal operating system as used at this school and is normally used in most computers at home. It is my person best as most people use it and it is fairly cheap at about 200 pounds for window xp. Window also has different types of it: windows xp, windows 2000, window 98, 95 and a few more; xp being the best and my favourite as it is clear to read and helpful as it has little pop-ups helping you. Utility Software Application software are programs written to solve a particular problem. Examples of application software include: * word processors * spreadsheets * accounting packages * graphics software used for design Application software works with the operating system to sort out the computer task. ...read more.

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