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Using Microsoft Publisher to make a poster

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The Poster- User Guide The Software used to make the poster was Microsoft Publisher - The file I used is called - Poster. Pub To change the poster formatting firstly we click on the Microsoft Publisher Icon located on the desktop or in the Start Menu - Then when we enter the Main screen of Microsoft Publisher you click onto the Open a publication heading located at the bottom left of the page and clicking on the name Poster. pub; if the Poster file is not located there then you may have to search for it by clicking on - Then when you click on the file it will open up the main design screen where you will be able to edit the document. Then when you have finished editing the file if you want to save it then there is an icon located on the Top-left hand corner of the screen that looks like a floppy disk - by clicking on that icon it will then save the information that you have edited; there is also a save Icon located on the file menu this can also be used to save the edited file. ...read more.


Then when you have finished editing the logo to save it you must go to the 'File menu` and scroll down to the `Save' tab you click on it and then it will automatically save the changes you have made to the logo. The Client database - User Guide The client database was made with Microsoft Excel; the file I saved the database on is called Project ict.xls this can be edited by clicking on Microsoft Excel which can either be located in the start menu or on the desktop the icon looks something like this - After double clicking on the icon it should bring up the main screen to excel which has a blank spreadsheet on it. To open the database you then go to the file menu which is located at the top left hand corner of the screen; then you go down to open; after clicking on open you locate the file called Project ict.xls; After you have located the file; you click on open and it should bring up the client database. ...read more.


The mail merge should then open and from that you will be able to edit the format of the letter and change any details that are not part of the database on the letter using the tools located around the screen. To print the letters you then go to the file menu and scroll down to print select ok to print and the letters should print off for you on your printer - To save the edited mail merge document you go to the 'File menu` and scroll down to the Save icon you then click on the icon which automatically saves the document. If you want to change the Data on the Mail merge letters you should open the database as shown in the Client database user guide and then after you save the information changed in the client database when you open the Mail Merge document the data should have been updated on the letters that information you may have edited. ...read more.

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