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Maths Coursework - Data Handling

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SG        10A            Cand. No – X        Centre no. - X

Data Handling Coursework

Mayfield High School


I have been given a set of data about the students of a fictitious school called Mayfield High School, such as eye colour, IQ, height and weight.In this investigation, I am investigating the differences and similarities in the heights and weights for girls and boys in Yr 7, and their relationship with the heights and weights of girls and boys in Yr10 of Mayfield High School.

Year Group

Number Of Boys

Number Of Girls






















Initial Investigation:

For my investigation, I used a sample of 30 students taken randomly from the Mayfield High School data given to us.


 I conducted my initial investigation on the relationship between IQ and height; however as this scatter graph between IQ and height shows,

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                     (Extreme values) any value that is more than two standard deviations from the mean is regarded as an outlier.

Acceptable Intervals:



Yr 7 boys

1.365 <H< 1.733

29.15 <W< 71.79

Yr 7 girls

1.31 <H< 1.77

30.3 <W< 54.32

Yr 10 boys

1.518<H< 1.866

42.81 <W< 73.55

Yr 10 girls

1.501 <H< 1.751

45.798 <W< 62.642

I worked out the acceptable intervals so that I could identify any outliers present

Statistical Methods :

The methods that I will use to test my hypothesis are –

  • Grouped Frequency Tables – To calculate averages for my data.
  • Stem And Leaf Diagrams – To calculate Quartile data.
  •  Box And Whisker Plots - To compare the differences between the year groups and sexes.
  • Scatter Graphs – To find the correlation coeff, and identify outliers.
  • Calculate Averages And Quartile Data.            


What my box and whisker plots tell me:      

Through the box and whisker plot, we can

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Through my investigation I have found that the results support my theory on Height, and how although girls would be taller in Yr 7, by Yr 10 boys would be taller. However, the results of the investigation do not support my theory on weight, and girls were not heavier in Yr 7.

I could have improved the validity of my investigation:

  • If I had compared KS3 with KS4 instead of Yr7 and Yr10.
  • If I had used a larger sample of students for example, I could have taken a 20% sample instead, so that the problem of being left with just 9 students would be solved, and to get more reliable data.
  • If I had compared the heights and weights of students when they were in Yr7, and then waited 3 years and compared the same students in Yr 10; instead of comparing two separate groups of students.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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