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A detailed analysis of the three advertisements, comparing their different approaches to their subject and the different female stereotypes that they use.

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Write a detailed analysis of the three advertisements, comparing their different approaches to their subject and the different female stereotypes that they use. I will be analysing three different adverts that i have been given which all have chosen to use females to advertise their products and service. Today in the 21st century advertisements are all around us. Whether it is in town with billboards and banners, or at home via the media with T.V. or radio and because of this we see or hear at least one advert everyday. An advertiser needs to be very aware of the type of person that they are aiming to sell their product to. They also need to consider what is likely to motivate that person to buy their product. This is so that they can create the right image for their product and can persuade people to buy it. Advertisers have to create a strong image for their product; this means that they will link it in a customer's mind with the type of person that they think they are or, more to the point that they would like to be. The image that an advertiser creates depends on which group they are aiming to sell to. Every advert is targeted at a certain audience. ...read more.


has been done and the way in which the woman has positioned her head catches the light really well and so it is reflecting the look on her hair so that the reader could have an idea of the beautiful looks but also if the reader looks deeply he could see that the light is sunlight, which means that Singapore airlines fly to destinations where you could enjoy the sunshine and meet some beautiful women. A good thing about this advertisement is that there isn't much wording, which in some people's point of view is a bad thing. But in my opinion it is better because nobody really wants to sit around reading a massive novel on how good the service is instead it is better if they just say what they are selling and what its quality in as little words as possible, you need to make it short and sweet instead of it being really longwinded. In the advertisement the main focus is on the woman's face rather than the service she provides, which is what needs to be focused upon because if it weren't then nobody would really want to use the service. Because the advert is brightly coloured it means that everything stands out so if this was in a magazine that had mostly writing in it when you turn the page you would see the brightly coloured picture and it would really stand out and hit you in the face. ...read more.


Now I will be analyzing the final advert which is Advert C. The fact that a model with the hairstyle of the 50's is used, directly creates an image in my mind of typical women of the mid 19th century women who stay 24/7 cooking and cleaning at home while their men go out and bring the money. After reading the advert I was able to analyze that this advert is about a newly married couple who just moved into their new neat and complete dream house. This couple don't look so happy because the picture shows the wife holding a handkerchief near her face while her facial expression looks like she is crying, while her husband has his hands on his theist looking back at her over his shoulder with a face full of anger just as if she cheated on him. This technique make the reader hungry for the story below the picture which is about 10 paragraphs long in small letters. The most important thing about the language is the Slogan "fresh fresh freshen up your home with zal", this indicates that the target audience which in that time were housewife's. Generally, I think This advert uses powerful and smart technique which appear to stick in the readers' mind. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mudathir Subahi 1 ...read more.

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