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Analyse and compare two magazine advertstwo adverts that I have recently studied are both promoting ordinary, everyday household products. These are, Persil washing-up liquid and Hovis bread.

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Analyse and compare two magazine advertisements, paying particular attention to audience and stylistic features. The two adverts that I have recently studied are both promoting ordinary, everyday household products. These are, Persil washing-up liquid and Hovis bread. Both adverts have a specific audience in mind, as they are aimed at young women. The adverts were found in the magazine 'Closer' and 'Marie Claire'. This is important because both adverts use imaginative techniques to target their main audience. Although, in this case, women are the main target group, the Persil advert could also appeal to men. As the main subject is a famous supermodel, it could use sex appeal to sell the product to men. In the foreground of the Hovis advert, the main subject is a builder bent over. He is positioned to the right of the frame so that the revealing pink thong is in central view, so to draw your eye to the main focus. The background in this advert is blurred and out-of-focus which helps the image of the builder to stand out. ...read more.


I think this is a clever and witty which will stick in people's memories. So whereas the Persil advert is promoting their product by changing women's perceptions of washing-up, Hovis give the audience a look into a comical joke. Both adverts have something in common as they rely partly on sex appeal. Women might envy the famous supermodel because of her beauty and looks and therefore are lured into buying the product and designer gloves in hope of feeling more luxurious. The man is wearing feminine pink underwear is an incongruous thought and could appeal to women. The main heading of the Persil advert, I believe is a sexual connotation. Together, with the image of the well-known supermodel, women will be drawn to the product. Below this main heading, there is a caption explaining briefly what is being advertised. This engages the reader, as the language is simple and easy to understand and gets the point of the advert across directly. Below this caption, there is a paragraph of factual information explaining details of the product. ...read more.


Both brands are well known and the audience need a small image of the product to remind them what the advert is trying to market. Beneath the product image in the Hovis advert, there is a short slogan suggesting the new improved bread recipe is healthier, "25% less carbs, but you'll never guess". They are campaigning the bread as a healthy option and are implying that it won't taste any different. Nowadays, people are always careful about what they eat and try to choose the most nutritional food, so this slogan will interest many readers. Between these two advertisements, I think that the Hovis advert is the most effective idea because it was clever and funny. I find adverts more enjoyable to read when humour is included. The purpose of this advert was to tell the audience their new and improved bread is now healthier but without losing any of the taste and they have done that by showing the reader a humorous situation of a builder wearing a thong. I found the Persil advert a bit dull, as it doesn't use much colour, and it takes too long to find all the information that you need from the text. Bethany Stanley 11OD ...read more.

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