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Analysis for Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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Analysis for Jeep Grand Cherokee The advert denotes a jeep on rough terrain driving past a wooden shack. The scene is set in the countryside where nothing can be seen for miles. The writing takes up a small amount of the whole page, which shows the advertisers, want you to concentrate on the jeep rather then the text. The anchor on the advert could be interpreted in different ways to the intended one. '8 on the Richter scale' shows the jeep is powerful and can blow anything away. 'Richter scale' is probably the keyword as it connotes ideas of power and strength. The wooden hut looks like it has been in an earthquake but in fact the advertisers wants to show you can drive it and feel commanding. ...read more.


This suggests it is indexical. Earthquakes are associated with power/noise and the seismic rumble from under the bonnet makes people want to buy it. This signifies to most people, a meaning that it is a good, stylish car that will impress and everybody will want. The blurred background is also important because it connotes an impression of speed and immense power, which will help to sell the car. Furthermore the man in the car is not very young for a reason. The advert is designed, obviously, to target people who can afford the �30,000 jeep, and so the image of the middle aged man, who maybe has enough money to buy one, is important. The photography of the car is responsible for making the advert work as well. ...read more.


This is the same with the car, as it is a dark colour too. This dark/natural colour setting is predictably continued to the jeep itself, so that the consumer associates the values signified by the natural setting to the product. The picture of the jeep is on the left hand side where the sky is darker which suggests the car has just driven through the earthquake and survived. The advert is more likely aimed at men, who tend to be the main money earners and more interested in cars and also the representation of colour for males is usually dark, and for females, dark, which further implies it is aimed at men. The ideology at work here is significant: the car represents power and authority and consequently, men learn to aspire to such images. The advertisement makes the reader feel in control and make people buy the product at price. Dipen Shah 12NH AS Media Studies ...read more.

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