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Sharp TV advert

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English Media Coursework I saw this Sharp TV advert in one of my NGC magazine, a magazine targeted at people who are interested in electronical entertainment, and are generally men. The first thing that I saw was the modern art sculpture in the background by the window. This made me want to carry on looking at the advert as I thought the statue was interesting and intriguing. I then looked at the people and they seemed to be admiring something fascinating, I then looked over to see that it was a television rested on what appeared to be a modern art carving. The text was quite clever as well as they keep on referring to the television as a work of art 'AQUOS LCD TV from sharp brings you a work of art' and 'not only a breathtakingly beautiful slim line design, but a brilliant image quality and richness of sound. ...read more.


The advert is generally aimed at men that are educated. The advert is set in an art gallery, which suggest it is for people who visit art galleries. People that like art are said to be quite well educated. There is also a glass of red wine on the table and people that have money, drink expensive wine. This also represents a well educated audience would read it and it also suggests that it is for men because men generally drink more alcohol then women. The stand that the TV is rested on resembles a women's body, which suggests a male oriented audience. The last point is very obviously aimed at men, there are two attractive women in the advert, who seemed to be amazed by the TV. Their faces are also visible for the audience to see and you can only see the back of the man's head. ...read more.


The advert is successful in what I believe it is trying to create. I believe it was trying to centre the attention of the advert on to the TV, even though the TV is not in the centre of the picture it stands out because of its colour and shape. I also believe that it was trying to duller everything around the TV to make sure that the TV was extremely noticeable. I believe as well that the advert was trying to build up an image for its self, in the text, by using phrases like, 'a stunning creation that could only have been achieved through decades of leadership in pioneering LCD technology'. If the advert was trying to create all of these things it succeeded. But it is not a very interesting advert for the audience it is aimed at, young people who are interested in electronical entertainment, because it seemed rather dull and had a lack of excitement. That seemed to me the only thing that is wrong with the advert. ...read more.

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