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Through the close examination of two or three advertisements explores the range of persuasive techniques employed to target a wide-ranging market.

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Through the close examination of two or three advertisements explores the range of persuasive techniques employed to target a wide-ranging market. Advertising is when a person or a company presents to the public an idea, to boost profits or to change the public's minds about a subject. When advertising a product for commercial profit it is called consumer advertising. Campaign advertising when an idea is advertised in order to change the minds of the public, but not for a profit. The 'Air Pacer advert' is a commercial advert, which uses a number of different things to persuade us to by the product advertised. The advert is still advert, for example a poster is a still advert. Therefore in order to attract people it depends on images and text. Images are used because people find them easy to remember, therefore the images the images must show that the 'Air Pacer' is fun, easy to use and most of all works. This advert does this by using a celebrity, 'Mr Motivator'. The fact that he is smiling shows that the 'Air 'Pacer' is easy enjoyable, the fact that he is in shape, proves that the 'Air Pacer' works. ...read more.


Therefore the voice over could also help the viewer to remember the ad. The 'Levis jeans' advert is a TV advertisement. Since his advertisement is trying to boost 'Levis jeans' sales it is a commercial advert. The advert was set in a Russian train and in a small flat in the time of the cold war. The war whole advert is in black and white except for the 'Levis' logo at the end. The advert was done in this way so the logo would be what people watching would remember. The writing was also in Russian but it was flipped to say 'Levis' and the Russian symbols resembled '501'. Throughout the advert there was a tense classical marching type of music but at the end the end the music changed to guitars and saxophones. Since the advert was about a man smuggling 'Levis jeans' into the country explains the tense music. The change in music probably represents a sign of relief as the man opens the case revealing the smuggled jeans. At the train station the smuggler has an encounter with an intimidating customs officer, judging by the background it looked like there was a war going on, this shows the jeans are valuable enough to risk a life for. ...read more.


The three advert use different techniques to draw people's attention to them. The 'Air Pacer' advert used images, colours, text and fonts to attract people. This was a still advert which means it had limited techniques to attract people, where as the other two advert where TV adverts therefore they had more variety of techniques to use. The 'Levis' advert used a black and white technique this is when the whole advert us in black and white accept for one thing, in this case it was the 'Levis' logo. The 'Anti fur' advert used music and sound effects to get the viewers attention and then used powerful images to make them remember. In conclusion I believe that adverts that appeal to the viewers concerns and emotion have more effect; for example I believe that the most effective in the 'Air Pacer' advert, was the way that it played on an individuals insecurities and feelings on their weight and health. In the same way, the Levis advert had played on the image of rebelliousness and coolness. Also, and in my opinion the most effective the 'Anti fur' campaign advert went straight to the heart and the mind, making the individual think twice and feel more deeply about the issue. By Wesley Thompson 11:10 1 ...read more.

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