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Abortion and Euthanasia.

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RE GCSE COURSEWORK (Abortion and Euthanasia) Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy before the baby is born. Their are two types of abortion, these could be either by deliberate termination or miscarriage. However when people talk about abortion they refer to the intentional removal of a fetus before it develops and is born. Euthanasia is the deliberate killing of a person for his or her own soul benefit (to relieve someone of pain or anguish caused by a particular situation, such as a protracted illness). There six types of euthanasia. These are, voluntary euthanasia, non-voluntary, involuntary euthanasia, assisted suicide, euthanasia by action and euthanasia by omission. Based on these two concepts, there have been a lot of views and perspectives, for or against them. In this essay major highlight will be thrown on the various argument for and /or against abortion and euthanasia. Historically, abortion has always existed within the human race. Ancient tribes where forced to migrate as a group to different places. Pregnant women were a deterrent factor to fast and easy movement. Stress caused by walk and horse riding resulted in pre-mature delivery. The premature babies were either killed or left to die. Moreover, some mothers lost their lives during delivery. Recently, technology has made abortion Safer and easier for women. Before 1967,it was illegal for a termination of pregnancy to take place in this country. ...read more.


Muslims and Hindi believe in almost the same thing- that life should be respected because it supports the natural harmony. The Muslim Koran is the against the killing of unborn babies even though it accepts that bearing children at times could cause complications in the mother's life. Therefore, the woman should not be treated unfairly if bearing the baby would cause problems (Sarah 2:223). However the Hindi believe that the destruction of life is in opposition to the basic ideology of "Ahimsa". The Roman Catholic Church absolutely disagrees with Euthanasia. Their stance is stated in the ("Declaration on Euthanasia"(Jury et bona) issued by the Sacred Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith in 1980). God creates every individual. Killing an innocent person is unacceptable (be he embryo, infant, adult, old person). God expects that human beings should preserve their lives and live as Christians so euthanasia and suicide are totally wrong. Individuals, most of the time s, are not always held responsible for their actions. Also people could make mistakes as a result of stress, in asking for euthanasia. Situations like long-term illnesses and old age can help people confront death. According to the apostle Paul 'You are not your own (1 Cur 14:8) 'If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we We die we die to the lord, so whether we Live or die, we belong to the lord (Romans 14:8) ...read more.


Some other Christians like the Methodist believe that unless a baby can survive independent of its mother it should not be born. The voluntary euthanasia society generally, argues that people have the right to decide whether or not they want to die. For instance, a person who has had a long case of cancer and suffers excruciating pains could request to die. It would be appropriate to help the patient his or her pains for the sake of love. Muslims argue that life comes from Allah. It is their duty to preserve their lives in submits to the will of Allah. He alone knows the future and has a plan for every suffering in life. To interfere means to contradict Allah's plans for that person no matter how unfair the persons suffering may seem, Allah is not wicked. According to the Hindus he or she must perform their duties in order with liberation for the soul quality of present life depends on the actions of the former reincarnation, suffering is seen as a result of past wrong actions, Therefore taking in the view of preventing suffering or saving a foreseen disaster would only mean committing greater sin. I believe that God gives life so of cause he has the right to take it away. But I could say that if somebody has been diagnosed with a disease or an illness they definitely cannot recover from, and they are feeling so much pain, it would be an act of sympathy to save the person of that distress. Mary Ifegwu Mary Ifegwu ...read more.

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