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Abortion and Euthanasia

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Abortion and Euthanasia Christianity believes firmly upon the fact that human life is "sacred". Genesis 1.27 states "God created man in his own image; in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them", it is therefore believed that human life should not be ended before it is due to end, or before God decides to end it. Both Euthanasia and Abortion are extremely controversial matters. I will first be discussing and examining the different viewpoints of Euthanasia. Euthanasia is the administration of a drug, which is used to painlessly kill a person. However, it can be administered in many different ways. Euthanasia has been accepted both legally and morally in various forms in many societies. Sometimes they are not so apparent, and yet happen everyday. The many different forms of euthanasia are: * Voluntary Euthanasia: euthanasia is performed because the dying person has asked for it. Example: A woman is dying of an incurable cancer. She asked the doctors to give her a drug that will kill her quickly and painlessly. * Involuntary Euthanasia: euthanasia is performed with out the patient being told. ...read more.


This is however the scientific approach. Many people, from different religions, have many different claims to when life begins in the womb. Some say life begins when the foetus' heart begins beating, or when it resembles a human and others when it is born. I personally believe that human life begins the moment the ovum is fertilised by the sperm. From that moment onwards-human life is "under construction". Christianity itself is strongly against abortion. Abortion to a Christian is seen as murder. However, there are some circumstances where abortion is acceptable, without it being seen as a great sin by the Christian Community and God. For example, if the child is a result of incest and rape, it is then not a sin to destroy the foetus. Carrying out abortions has been legal since 1967 in the UK, providing certain conditions are met. An abortion can be carried out if the following occurs: 1. It is performed before the 24th week of pregnancy - the 28th week until 1991. 2. Tow doctors agree that it is undesirable for the pregnancy to continue on personal, social or medical backgrounds. ...read more.


Another case is cancer of the womb. If a woman has cancer of the womb, her womb will have to be removed or else she will die. However, if she is pregnant, the baby will also be removed and therefore aborted. This is known as the double effect. It is not an intention to kill the baby, but it has to be done in order to save the mothers life. Overall, as we can see, abortion and euthanasia are extremely controversial matters. I myself, from seeing the video "A Silent Scream", believe that abortion should be illegal. I find the methods used to abort a human inside its mother horrific and disgraceful. Abortion is now been seeing as an easy way out of pregnancy. In my opinion there is no easy way out when a human life is concerned. However, I do believe that Voluntary Euthanasia is something that everyone has a right to. People should have the choice to die in dignity and without pain. Passive Euthanasia and Active Euthanasia are also acceptable methods of endings someone's life. There is one condition though - The person deciding to end their life should not be influenced by anyone, apart from themselves. It is their sole decision, and not anyone else's. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - Alex Mansfield 11 R ...read more.

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