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Describe what happens when Muslims perform the hajj.

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The hajj coursework A) Describe what happens when Muslims perform the hajj. Before entering Mecca during the hajj Muslims pilgrims must follow certain requirements. Muslims should first say the Talbiya, recited Arab words used for centuries. Then they should first take a bath as this symbolises purity. Then they should change into the required clothing for the hajj, for men this is two sheets of unsown white material and for women it is a clean plain dress, this symbolises equality for all Muslims, by all wearing the same clothes the differences of wealth between all Muslims during the Hajj becomes irrelevant. Muslims performing the hajj have to follow certain rules while performing the hajj: They must not use any perfume. No animals or insects should be killed during the hajj. No plants should be damaged or destroyed. Nothing dishonest or unkind should be done during the hajj. No weapon should be carried. The head must be covered. Hair and nails should not be cut while in the state of ihram and finally no sexual intercourse is allowed. When these rules have been carried out, the pilgrim has entered a state of ihram, they must follow these rules to stay in ihram. ...read more.


On the tenth day of the month Dhu-el-hijja, which is known as Eid-ul-Adha, there will be celebrations of the completion of the hajj and observe special ceremonies. Then, as part of the ritual of the hajj all the pebbles that the pilgrims have collected (seven) will be thrown at the great pillar. The sacrifice of an animal will also be performed on the day of Eid, this will usually be a goat or a sheep. This is to commemorate Abrahams sacrifice of a ram, Bedouin tribesmen will lead hordes of animals in the area to be sold to pilgrims, pilgrims often share the cost of an animal if they cannot afford one on their own, the animal will then be slaughtered either by an employed butcher or a pilgrim themselves. Some of the meat will be eaten at Mina while the rest will be given to the poor. After this men will have their heads shaved and then they will return to Mecca to Circle the Kaaba once again to complete the hajj. They will perform tawaf once again before they bid farewell to Mecca, it is actually called the tawaf al-wada, which means it is a farewell tawaf. ...read more.


It is a pillar of Islam and almost a requirement for Muslims so they should perform it or have someone perform it on their behalf if possible during their lifetime. However it could be argued it is a journey within as it is very spiritually based, someone can perform it on your behalf but it still counts as you doing it, as no physical journey is commited a journey within must take place. If you die trying to get to the hajj Allah will look kindly upon you and it will be counted as if you perform the hajj, similarly if you perform selfless actions like give the money for travelling to the hajj to the needy it will be counted as if you done the hajj, this shows aspects of the hajj are not physical and are spiritual. It could also be said that events like the stoning of the pillar is a symbol of the fight within yourself against the devil and the time is spent as a learning experience within yourself in which you will leave a better Muslim. However I think this is a physical exercise in recreating what the leading figures in Islam done in their time near Mecca., it is these recreations that make the hajj so important, these recreations make up the hajj so in my view it is a physical journey. ...read more.

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