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Select, describe and explain the important features of a Mosque

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Religious Studies GCSE Coursework - The Mosque 1. Select describe and explain the important feature of the mosque Fig.1 Plan of a Mosque A Mosque, also known as a masjid in Arabic, is the centre of a Muslim community. It is a place of postration, which literally means it's a place to lie down, but mosques can also serve as community centres, schools and a law courts. In Fig.1, the more essential features of a typical modern mosque are shown and labelled, and some will be introduced in the following paragraphs. However, mosques can contrast from a small room with a prayer mat to the elegant and grand Mosque of Istanbul, as shown in Fig.2. The quotation below from the Hadith recognizes the importance of the mosque as a place for prayer. 'Whenever the hour of prayer overtakes you, you shall perform it. ...read more.


Some people also believe that it is a symbol of the Earth as it has a circular shape. Fig.4 - The dooms of mosques Minarets, on the other hand, have quite a different role from the dome. The number of Minarets varies from different Mosques, but they are usually situated at the corners of the mosque. It is a visual signpost of the mosque because the minaret is often the tallest point in the surrounding area. It is where the Adhan, or call to prayer, is made either by a muezzin or a recording. Muezzins are men who climb up the minaret and spread the Adhan on top of the minaret five times a day. Minarets have been spiritually regarded as the 'gate between heaven and earth' because they are so tall and vertical that it looks as if they were about to extend into heaven. ...read more.


'From whencesoever Thou startest forth, turn Thy face in the direction of the sacred Mosque' (Qur'an 2:149-250) Fig.6 Qiblah wall and mihrab The minbar is a raised platform located on one side of the mihrab which the Imam stands on. It was originally used to symbolise the position of the prophet in society. Nowadays, the minbar is used so that everyone can see and hear the Imam. Fig.7 shows minbars from different Mosques. Fig.7 Minbar The main and more essential features have been described in early paragraphs. There are also certain characteristics that would apply to all the features in the mosque. Muslims are very strict about the cleanliness of their place of worship so the mosque is always kept very clean. Also, because no images are allowed in the mosque, patterns are used for decoration everywhere in a mosque. Nevertheless, the appearance of a Mosque does vary in different cultures. ...read more.

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