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Articles based on my interest in the industries that I would like to work in future.

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INTRODUCTION For the purpose of this assignment, I have selected the articles based on my interest in the industries that I would like to work in future. Articles selected were also based on my previous working experience in an audit firm and me as an entrepreneur. Therefore, most articles chosen ranges from the managerial and leadership perspectives. Vandenberg, P. 2003, 'Globalization and Its Discontents', ASEAN Economic Bulletin, [Online]. vol. 20, no. 2, pp. 93-95, Available from: Proquest / ABI/Inform [18 September 2003] 'The author expresses his opinion in reviewing Joseph Stiglitz's book entitled "Globalisation and its discontents", which was actually criticising the roles of the IMF. Due to his numerous experience as an academician, a respected economist and had worked with World Bank for several years, Stiglitz analysis emphasised that many of the IMF policies do not support the economic development, are often destructive and not serving their actual purposes. Although Stiglitz was criticised because of his lack of knowledge in the real world policy-making, he showed a great determination in criticising not only to the economic policy but also to the secretive nature of their decision-making and the lack of meaningful debate with World Bank officials, country economists and the public. Stiglitz's book has given us as an outsider the opportunity to visibly articulate that much of what has been said in the past about the IMF is in fact true. On the other hand, the article could be more useful if it would more precise in suggesting the weaknesses of the IMF as well as suggesting ways for the IMF to clear its name and start to reconsider in its main roles in the globalised economy.' ...read more.


This has challenged the number of studies assuming that everyone perceives, thinks and reasons the same way. From the article, one major difference the author has found is that the Westerners typically sees categories directly while Asians typically sees relationships and attending more indirectly to the overall surroundings. The author concludes that cognitive differences are likely to have originated from the growing up process as well as social practices. One often finds that their cognitive style is interconnected to the place where one was born and lived for years. Nonetheless, study has shown that those from Hong Kong have a more intermediate thinking pattern between the East and West due to its British and Chinese history. Although this model shows that diversity can enhance a team's ability to solve problems creatively because of different ways of looking at a problem and finding a solution; creativity may also heighten conflicts within a team causing more problems instead of providing solutions.' Govindarajan, Vijay, Gupta & Anil, K. 2001, 'Building an Effective Global Business Team', MIT Sloan Management Review, [Online]. vol. 42, no. 4, pp. 63-71, Available from: EBSCOhost / Business Source Elite [21 September 2003] 'The authors claim that to successfully integrate dispersed operations is through global business team. There are obstacles for such global business teams such as differences in geography, language and culture. The key to a successful global business team is to tackle and understand the obstacles. Therefore, it is essentially important to have a mutual understanding and a solid framework to steer them towards their intended goals. ...read more.


So much so that it has become a fundamental market force affecting long-term financial viability and success. The article looks at how Hewlett-Packard (HP) has been moving along a continuum towards environmental sustainability over the past two decades; the processes currently underway at HP as well as the challenges ahead. During the 1980s, HP made great strides in pollution control and prevention, risk management, and facility improvements such as reducing toxic materials and emissions. In the 1990s, the focus shifted to product stewardship, which focuses on earlier intervention to minimize environmental impacts associated with the full life cycle of a product. HP established a Product Stewardship function which focused on developing global processes for tracking and managing regulatory compliance issues, customer inquiry response systems, information management, public policy shaping, product take-back programs, green packaging, and integrating "design for the environment" and life cycle analysis into product development processes. Today, sustainability is about developing technologies that actually contribute a positive impact to environmental challenges. To be an environmental leader in the 21st century, HP needs to integrate environmental sustainability into its fundamental business strategy.' CONCLUSION As a conclusion, I have come to an understanding that as a manager or a leader of an organisation, one must have an in-depth understanding on issues such as global integration, humanity and enterprise, diversification and differences, ethics, corporate social responsibility, and ecological issues. Consequently, as a manager or a leader in future, it is essential for me and my organisation to be conscious and cautious to these issues in order to be more resourceful and more humane to our surroundings in surviving the 21st century and thereafter. ...read more.

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