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Business Management

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Btec Business Business Management Unit 2 Kishan Hirani Unit 2 Task 1: Pass criterion 1: 'Explain how aims and objectives may be achieved through planning and monitoring.' Part (a) Provide a brief description of the background of the business, identifying its activities, aims and objectives. McDonald's is one of the best-known franchised fast food restaurant chain in the World. The first restaurant was opened in the USA in 1955. In 1974; McDonald's opened its first restaurant in the UK. Today, more than 2.5 million people in this country place their trust in McDonald's every day - trusting the Company to provide them with food of a high standard, quick service and value for money. In 1997, McDonald's was recognised as the world's leading brand by Interbrand (http://www.interbrand.com). Since then the brand has 'slipped' to 8th in 2003. The long-established 'Big Mac' product, introduced in 1968, has also attained brand name status. The company's own 'cartoon' character, Ronald McDonald, tries to embody the firm's image as 'fun' and 'caring'. By 2002 the brand had a worldwide network of 30,000 outlets, which 1,200 were based in the UK. McDonalds is the largest fast food brand in the world and is recognised worldwide. Across the global network, the majority of outlets are operated by franchisees but, in the UK, only a third are franchised although this percentage is increasing.' McDonald's has been growing organically, with new sites located in smaller towns, roadside developments and food court concepts in leisure parks and shopping centers, to attract more consumers. MacDonald's aims and objectives: Aims: * Provide good quality, clean and a valuable service to its customers, so that customers keep coming back. * Develop and provide healthy meals to its customers. * Be the world's best quick service restaurant. * To their part in protecting the environment, including encouraging customers to recycle packaging. * Encouraging environmental values and practices. ...read more.


McDonalds always aims to raise performance Part (D1) 'Evaluate the role of management in improving business performance. In order to do this you need to identify the areas in which they are effective and those in which they are ineffective.' After analysing various methods used by McDonalds to improve performance within the organisation I found that they are effective in some areas and ineffective in other areas. Management development curriculum is a programme developed by McDonalds for their managers, this programmes trains managers to become perfect at their jobs. All managers in the business must be trained in the following four key programmes: 1) Shift management - developing trainee managers in the skills and techniques requires becoming effective shift running managers. It focuses primarily on the basics of restaurant operations, including a series of personal development modules. 2) Systems management - targeting second assistant and newly promoted first assistant managers. This programme covers all areas of McDonald's system. 3) Restaurant leadership - exposing managers to the key skills needed to become an effective leader of a restaurant. It enhances the manager's ability to coach a team, targets decision making and communication skills. 4) Business leadership - focusing managers on the need to develop a business strategy, encompassing internal and external factors. McDonalds are effective in most of their working areas especially with their non-financial methods of improving their business performance. To improve management McDonalds uses quality circles to support their employees, by using quality circles employees can get together and discuss work related issues and update management. This method helps all employees to express their feelings and to overcome problems if employees are feeling pressurised in their working environment. McDonalds training method is very effective as training is an excellent way of improving business performance, as it provides employees the confidence to put transactions through successfully and also gives them confidence in talking to customers and delivering the best possible service which helps McDonalds to achieve their aims and objectives successfully. ...read more.


When setting your self aims to make improvements on the performance of the business a major problem can be time consumption, therefore the business would be behind schedule with the problem occurring few times. Another problem which can occur when attempting to make improvements is the fact that the problem exist it would be difficult to pinpoint exactly how it got there and how to deal with it, when a problem arises it is due to the lack of quality or ability and making improvements requires filling in them gaps which can be very difficult at times. Also when working to solve major problems in an organisation can be very hard because you have to be alert at all times, which means having good communication and interpersonal skills. You have to follow up clear instructions and tackle the problem accordingly. Conclusion There are many different ways to overcome and solve problems. However there must be a high consideration into certain factors before you begging to make the improvements of an organisation, you have to consider how time consuming it will be and find out the most efficient way of overcoming the problem. You have to be able to do things fast and accurate so your business doesn't loose out on money. , you must make sure that this does not decrease the overall performance in other sectors of the business which in effect will cause more problems and you must consider the options of overcoming the problem and asses them in order to choose the best one. The best way to solve problems is by analysing the problem and setting yourself aims and objectives so you know how to and where to solve the problem from also you should be organised as a manager so you don't panic. Problems should always be solved accordingly. You can always learn from solving problems because when another problem occurs you will be prepared for it and will be able to tackle it far better than before, also you may also be able to tackle the problem before it arises. Business Management Kishan Hirani Unit 2 ...read more.

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