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Definition of customer service

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Task 2 Introduction I have chosen Ozone health and fitness club for this assignment. Ozone health and fitness is a local gym and is one of oxford leading gyms. They have competition against other leading gym in oxford such as David Lloyds, la fitness, arena etc. Ozone health and fitness club try to keep their customers satisfied by giving them good deal on their member ships and good facilities in the gym to use. They also run separate classes for the members such as yoga, Pilates, conditioning, pump, circuits etc. the gym is located at the kassam stadium, home of oxford united. The Ozone health and fitness club the customers are very important to the business with out them their wouldn't be a gym they need as many customers as they can get without them they wont be able to make any profit. So far they got over two thousand members. . Fitness arena they team professionally qualified trainer are on hand to help to achieve your personal fitness. The Ozone has a dedicated spinning zone which caters for 10 members per class. ...read more.


Examples of self service are Internet sites. How customer service is monitored and evaluated: Most businesses monitor customer service, this is a method of getting response from customer about the business organisation. There are several ways of getting customer response, but many businesses organisations use an informal technique which is cheap and an easy way of getting to know customer feedback. When an instructor asks a customer if they're workout went well, this is a simple method of getting feedback. Observing customers as they leave or enter the business, this helps the staff comment on the way the customer try out the facilities or displays. How Ozone health club monitor? The ozone uses a number of different methods to monitor customer services: Suggestion Box Weekly checks View member The Ozone health club they used different way to customer service like: The Ozone health club have a suggestion box to have customer gad a problem or complaint they would put it in the box and the staff out the problem and sort the problem. ...read more.


This is a good way of evaluating. Other ways they evaluate customer service by looking at the number of customer they have. If they don't have the target amount of members they would look at their customer service to see how they can improve it. They can also evaluate their customer service by the level of complaints. Having a mystery customer can also help- the gym evaluate customer service this would be done by having an employee of Ozone health club that works in another gym to come in to use the facilities and could make a complaint. The can be good because they can see what complaints have been received and evaluate how they can improve their customer service. Why do businesses evaluate customer service? Most business evaluates customer service by receiving response from customer. If the response is good then the business is expected to be successful but if the business isn't successful this will show that the business is doing something wrong for it to be unsuccessful. ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC first Business Unit 2 Developing Customer Relations Assignment 2- Task 2 1 Oxford community school ...read more.

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