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Human Resources Management at Bolton College.

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´╗┐Business Resource Task 1 Bolton College provide high quality vocational training for better qualifications skills and employability. The college provides over 800 full and part-time courses, delivered at seven main centres around Bolton. In Bolton College there is a free recruitment service, this service is work on similar basis to recruitment agency, vetting C.Vs and conducting face to face interviews to insure every applicant get the right job, the service provide business as well as the college itself with employees. Bolton College is an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications from all communities and backgrounds; the college committed to deliver the very best and experienced staff. Bolton College used to recruit employees for all types of employment, as full time, part time, casual, fixed term or contract, apprenticeships and traineeships and piecework and commission only payment employees. Recruitment involves attracting the right people to apply for the vacancies available. In Bolton College when realise that they have a job vacancy that need filling, they will produce a person specification and a job description to show candidates what the job requires. The college advertise the job vacancies in many ways, internally and externally; internally advertisement gives current employees the chance to apply for the job. If there is no one applies internally or no suitable applicants the vacancy goes external. The college advertise the vacancy on their website and on vacancy boards in its campuses. Applications can be gotten from college receptions or applicants can ask to send it to their address. ...read more.


lifting and handling, health and safety etc. To attend term staff meetings required. To carry our any other duties as may be required by the principals, commensurate with the grade and nature of the post. To encourage and promote a positive attitude towards Equal Opportunities in the activities of the college. In carrying out their duties the appointee must; comply with health and safety regulations, be aware of the college statement on health and safety, Bolton-Community-College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. In addition to that the personal skills required for the job should be; previous experience of cleaning, previous experience of handling cleaning equipment, able to work as a member of a team of staff on own initiative, also flexibility to cover different areas of building and cover for sick staff is required, the ability to communicate effectively at all levels, also there. More over there is a special requirement such as; to share the college its commitment on safeguarding and promotion the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults, and the willingness to undertake trainings, physically fit; the college has a target of no more than 10 days absence per employee per annum, shortlisted applicants will be required to demonstrate that this can be reasonably achieved by them detailing their absence record including dates and reasons for each period of absence over the last 12 months and by completion of medical questionnaire and assessment by occupational health, absence related to a one-off medical complaint e.g. ...read more.


Evacuation training must be given to all employees, so that they know exactly what to do in case of a fire or any other incidence. Safety equipment is placed such as fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire escapes and fire extinguishers. Regular checks need to be made to insure all these equipments are working. Insurance is one of the most important physical resources in Bolton College to all building whether they are leased or owned to cover any damage or if it is vandalized. Technical resources wouldn?t be hardware will fall under the category of software in the college they are managed in similar ways to other resources to ensure that they are not damaged, and if there is a new version update can be made. Intellectual property is the right in which people can own ideas and decide what happen to them, the college has its own patent for researches and reports. The longer that people work in a job, they will start to gain accumulated experience. This is a major benefit to the company, as more and more people stay at the company so wills the experience. People with experience can have their influence on their own sector or department. It is very important for the organization to build up the skills of peoples so that they can deal with certain issues that arise in the business, and to improve the performance. Software is used in Bolton College a lot and they spend a lot of money on software. Using legislation to protect the technical resources of the company is important. ...read more.

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