I will be suggesting ways in which a receptionist can improve to increase company success at an exercise gym.

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Over the summer I completed a six week internship at BP and also had the opportunity to look at a smaller business Xercise4Less. I identified many differences between the companies and have many recommendations for xercise4less to improve and expand the company.

Xercise4less is a private limited company and in contrast to other large companies such as BP they are a small company. Their aim is to offer the best value for money in the industry. They are a value brand that has designed its business around passing cost savings on to their customers. They started off with one gym and are now branching out to various areas around the UK and becoming a well know brand in the gym industry. In comparison to BP they are a small company which means they have a flatter structure of hierarchy. Therefore, their support roles have to take on roles of more than one job and because of this, they are less specialised in their job and can improve of many different things. I will be suggesting ways in which a receptionist can improve to increase company success.

An important factor in improvement is feedback. 1)  is the process in which the effect or  of an  is returned to modify the next action. Feedback is essential to the  and survival of businesses to help improve their current work processes.  Feedback occurs when an  reacts to an action or behaviour. For example, customer feedback is the   to a firm's  and , and  feedback is the internally generated information on a firm's .

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The review process begins with an evaluation of your current practices, which is done through a thorough analysis of your people, process, and technology. The review then helps the business to define 2) critical success factors (CSF) which are the areas where the business needs to perform well in order to be successful. It also highlights existing or potential problems within a particular area and the potential solutions for the problems that arise which will effect improve the businesses success.

The area in Xercise4less that I will be looking is the receptionist. 3) The receptionist is the first  in an ...

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