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Investigating Electronic Business. In this section I will be choosing two similar business websites, one weaker and one stronger. I will be describing the contents of both sites and explaining why they have an online presence.

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Unit 4 - Investigating Electronic Business Section One: In this section I will be choosing two similar business websites, one weaker and one stronger. I will be describing the contents of both sites and explaining why they have an online presence. I will also discuss whether or not the businesses are meeting their aims and objectives. Quiz clothing: Stronger website, colourful, bold and spacious. It has more images displaying the clothing. The website gives more product information, e.g. measurements, fabrics used. Warehouse: Weaker website, plain colours: black and white. The website is not spaced out enough; the information is all packed together. Quizclothing.co.uk - content: The Quiz clothing company website is coloured purple and white. There is a centred image, with a model displaying Quiz's new clothing lines. An animated image advertises Quiz email newsletter and states that �50s worth of vouchers can be won when you sign up. The website offers an online shopping option. It says when you spend over �40 online, you receive free delivery. On the homepage, there are several links along the main bar. The sections are Home, Trends, Store Finder, My Account and help. The Home section is obviously the link back to the main home page, which you can use to get back when you are shopping. The Trends section displays Quiz's new clothing lines/trends. It appears as a drop-down menu as you hover over the main section. The different lines are Purple Rain, Party Animal, Red Alert, Silver Sensation, Get the Look, Champagne and Back to School. The store finder informs the customer of where their stores are located. It shows a map of the UK and you have to select your region. The stores in that region are then displayed. The help section has FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions). This displays questions that customers have previously asked and they are answered. In this section people can read about something that they may have not understood. ...read more.


Larger business will have spam detector software. This diverts suspected spam email. This is again another cost for the business. Spyware: This is software that is used to monitor computer activity. The computer user doesn't know that their computer is being monitored as it is done secretly. Virus: This is a program or piece of code that loads itself into a computer. It replicates itself. Examples of viruses are the Trojan horse and A Worm. The Trojan horse is a code that hides behind a genuine program and waits for a certain time to release itself. The worm is a program that copies itself to other systems. It does this over a network. As a lot of people are going to be accessing the site from their own personal computers, this makes them at risk of also getting viruses from the company's website. Credit card fraud is an indication of poor site security. Because people are entering their bank details to buy products daily, this means that the information could be at risk of getting stolen by fraudulent people. This means that the Warehouse site will have to be very secure to stop this from happening. If this does happen to someone however, people will find out about this and refuse to pay by credit card for Warehouse's products, as they think that their credit card details will also be stolen. To stop credit card fraud and website hackers, the business can use Firewall and Anti-Virus protection. The firewall is a security system. It intends to protect an organisation's network against external threats such as Hackers. They can also stop pop-up advertisements. The company will have to buy this software and it is again another costly investment for the business. Updating and monitoring: The site will have to be regularly updated and monitored. This is very time-consuming and costly for the business. As the website has to be at the same standard levels as the store it is presenting, it is vital that the site is kept well updated and monitored. ...read more.


There are various other tools that can be used to also get the website up to a professional standard. The Dreamweaver program is also an easy and effective way to get a website up and running on the internet. It is also a fairly fast way and is cost effective. This is because agencies are not needed to create the website as the program is fairly simple to use. My website, designed by the Dreamweaver program, consisted of a main index (homepage) and five other sections leading off of this. These will be about us, meals, location and others. As the link buttons will be flash animated and brightly coloured, this will be easy for people to be navigated around the website. They will also give a professional image to company. This will make people satisfied with the business. This will also be thought of the actual restaurant. On the website, I will make navigable routes that are clear for the user. On each page linked from the homepage, will be a link back to the homepage. This is to the users from getting lost and confused when using the website. The website will have a constant colour theme in order to get the company instantly recognized by people when they come across it. They will be able to relate to the business because of the colours used. The colours can also be kept in the actual business premise. This will give the company a corporate image that people can relate to. I will also design a company logo. This will be displayed at the top of the homepage on the website. The colours will again be bright and vibrant, making it instantly recognizable. This theme may also be continued on the other pages of the website. By doing this, people will know that they are still on the same website and that they haven't accidently gone onto another site. Here is the initial plan of my website, print-screened from Dreamweaver: ?? ?? ?? ?? Rachel Smith 12CJ ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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