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M1: Explain how the promotional aspect is integrated and used with the whole marketing mix of a selected organisation to achieve its business aims and objectives.

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M1: Explain how the promotional aspect is integrated and used with the whole marketing mix of a selected organisation to achieve its business aims and objectives. In this task I will explain how the promotional aspect is integrated and used with the whole marketing mix of a selected organisation to achieve its business aims and objectives The main aims and objectives of o2 are: * O2 wants the public awareness among customers and especially teenagers about the responsible use of mobile phones * Deliver good quality service and product to their customers. * Maximising their profits for which they have set themselves some objectives to reach these aim. The objective is to: * Cut down their carbon emissions. O2 has there mission statement which is "To enable our customers to make the most of their world and its possibilities through the services we offer" source http://www.o2.com/cr/resource2006/vision_and_values.asp With this statement o2 aims to gain more customers with the help of advertisement such as there juggler's advert which will aim to gain public awareness and also invite new customers but in parallel the existing will invite there Their other objective is to establish an increased awareness among customers and especially children about the responsible use of mobile phones. ...read more.


One other important aim of 02 is to cut down on their carbon foot. This is very important as every one is worried about the environment they live in and are trying to cut down their carbon foot print. As the 02 Company also try's to cut down their carbon foot as well by this the 02 are helping the environment. Promotion will help 02 achieve this due to the reason that if people hear about 02 doing their bit for the environment, from the media than they are most likely to be attracted towards it. As every business wants to make as much profits as possible, the O2 Company also tries to maximise their profits. However when you are trying to maximise your businesses profits, you should make sure that you are satisfying your customers and don't get too carried away in making too much profit, that u don't fulfil your customers needs. The O2 Company has done this, as it shows from their aims they not only satisfy their customers they also keep their customers satisfied. This factor will also be affected by promotion because the better your business is advertising the more customers and target market you will be attracting. ...read more.


This factor will be affected by promotion as well. This is because as the 02 Company are giving out leaflets and having guidance for parents and teachers to help protect children and have guidance for children as well. As in the leaflets they would be talking about, how mobile phones produce radiation when you are using the phones and that radiation can damage your human cells. So therefore it is better not to keep a phone with you at all times. It is also not good to stay on the phone for so long as using too much phone can damage your hearing. This will help the 02 company create good image of them self's as they would be seen as helping the people. So then people are more likely to keep 02 as their brand because as they would trust the company. This then would help the 02 to get more customers which will help them to make more profit as they would have got more customers. I think that all the aims for the 02 Company are linked together in a way, hat these four aims are all trying to deliver mostly the same factor. This is very satisfying to their customers and they are also making profit at the same time as satisfying their customers. ...read more.

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